Beast Wars: Transformers

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Beast Wars: Transformers
¨Well That´s Just Prime¨.
Genre: Action
Science fiction
Running Time: 23 minutes
Country: United States
Release Date: September 16, 1996 - March 7, 1999
Network(s): Fox Kids(USA)
Created by: Hasbro
Mainframe Entertainment
Seasons: 3
Episodes: 52

Beast Wars: Transformers was an American And Canadian CGI animated animated science fiction drama series that aired during September 16, 1996 - March 7, 1999 on Fox Kids and the Toonami in the U.S and YTV IN Canada and the first installment of the Beast Era

Why It Rocks

  1. Even thoguh it looks outdated the CGI is great and it´s animated by the same company who made ReBoot: Mainframe Entertainment.
  2. Great Voice Acting From Garry Chalk, Ian James Cortlett, Scott McNeil, And David Kaye.
  3. Megatron is a very itimidating villian because his plans were to destroy the Autobots so the Maximals would never exist and Decepticon and Predacon´s would rule the galaxy.
  4. Waspinator is a butt monkey BUT IN A GOOD WAY.
  5. Optimus Primal is very interesting character because he tries to live up to the legacy of his ancestor: Optimus Prime.
  6. Dinobot is the best Character! he had a awesome character arc and his death was pretty sad but awesome.
  7. It Had The Best Episodes: Code Of Hero, And Transmutate.
  8. Nemesis Part 1 and 2 was a good ending to the show.

Bad Qualities

  1. It Sequel Beast Machines wasn´t well received.
  2. Even Though Silverbolt is a likeable character his heroic stereotype can get annoying.
  3. As Mentioned Before The CGI is pretty outdated.
  4. It had a comedic tone to season 3 that kinda felt wrong.
    • The Japanese had a Kid Appeal comedic tone too.
  5. It's god awful n64, and it's ps2 game




4 months ago
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what did i miss if anybody is seeing this


3 months ago
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It look's more like a ps1 video game then a cgi show.


3 months ago
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yeah because the cgi is outdated

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