Boy Girl Dog Cat Mouse Cheese

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Boy Girl Dog Cat Mouse Cheese
"Boy, Girl, Dog, Cat, Mouse, Cheese! Yes, we're family!"
Genre: Comedy
Running Time: 11 minutes
Country: France
United States
Release Date: October 31, 2019-present
Network(s): CBBC (UK)
RTE2 (Ireland)
Canal J (France)
Gulli (France)
Created by: Jeff Harter
Starring: Justin Michael
Alyson Leigh Rosenfeld
Justin Anselmi
Erica Schroeder
Abe Goldfarb
H.D. Quinn
Laurie Hymes
Samantha Cooper
Ryan Nicolls
Samara Naeymi
Cristina Pitter
Serra Hirsch
Seasons: 1
Episodes: 52

Boy Girl Dog Cat Mouse Cheese is an American-French-Irish animated television series developed from an original concept by Jeff Harter, and is an international co-production between Cloudco Entertainment, WatchNext Media, and Kavaleer Productions, and produced with the support of Gulli, Canal J, BBC, RTE and De Agostini Editore S.p.A.

The series originally premiered in the United Kingdom on CBBC on 31 October 2019. In June 2019, the series was renewed for a second season before the series premiered. This premiered in the UK on CBBC on 15 June 2020.


The show centers around a boy, a girl, a dog, a cat, a mouse, and a piece of cheese, all respectively named after what they are, who are living together as a dysfunctional family.

Why It Rocks

  1. The concept of a dysfunctional family with abnormal family members living together and trying to get along sounds like a good concept.
  2. Catchy and short theme song which puts the viewers in the mood for the show.
  3. Likeable characters such as of course, the main six characters of the series!
  4. The Flash animation is very fluid and stylistic.
  5. Very funny jokes in some episodes which can impact the show's humor well.
  6. The voice acting for the characters sounds very talented with well put effort in the characters.
  7. Great art style.
  8. Great episodes like “Family On Ice,” “ Greb-Nefual E-neg!,” “ Pen Pals,” “The Cheese Diary,” and more!

Bad Qualities

  1. Cheese can get annoying sometimes.
  2. The family members can get into some big arguments and can cause a lot of drama and bad behavior.
  3. Bad episodes like “Wedgie,” “Clickbait and Switch,” “Gleeb Glob,” and “Crimes Against the Family”.




7 months ago
Score 2

Randomly found this on Google when looking through obscure shows, and it actually looks kind of good.

I like the artstyle a lot.


5 months ago
Score 2
Pretty good show from Cloudco, although I still prefer Care Bears: Unlock the Magic.


5 months ago
Score 1
The show nevered aired in the US.


4 months ago
Score 0
I asked Kavaleer on Facebook if it would, and they said they would plan to next year or something like that.


8 days ago
Score 0
The title sounds like word salad in my eyes.

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