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Genre: Comedy
Sketch comedy
Slice of life
Running Time: 11 minutes (season 1)
22 minutes (season 2-b)
Country: United States
Release Date: 09/12/2016 — 03/02/2017 (season 1)
10/08/2018 — 18/01/2019 (season 2)
Network(s): YouTube
Created by: Tolerable Entertainment
Rough Draft Studios, Inc.
Distributed by: Tolerable Entertainment
Supercell OY
Starring: Tom Kenny
Jason Hightower
Charlie Adler
Amanda Phillipson
Tress MacNeille
Kari Whalgren
Anna Akana
James Adomian
Mark Fite
Mo Collins
Tammy Infusino
Carolyn Omine
Toks Olagundoye
Matthew Gray
David Rakita
Jake Tickner
Joseph Buss
Rachel Dratch
Dan Scott
James Murray
Seasons: 2
Episodes: 10 (season 1)
15 (season 2)
25 (Total)
12 shorts

Clash-A-Rama! (stylized "CLASH-A-RAMA!") is an animated comedy webseries created by Tolerable Entertainment in association with Supercell OY and the Korean Rough Draft Studios, Inc.


CLASH-A-RAMA takes place inside the universe of Supercell's Clash of Clans and Clash Royale video games, giving viewers a peak of what their favorite characters' lives are in the Village and Arena when they are not taking part in violent wars.

Why It Rocks

  1. Clash-A-Rama! messes with the consumers' minds with a collection of fun stories told from the numerous perspectives of their favorite Clash characters. Early on these carefully exhibit the crazy ideas and stories we could except to witness in this mad comedy taking place in a modern-medieval world. One can joyously portray it as a remake of another famous animated comedy, Dave the Barbarian.
  2. Exciting and unpredictable writing that'll always leave viewers with thrill to watch more. Instead of featuring random comedic skits, viewers do feel engaged with the storytelling and scenarios presented in each episode. Season 1 features from two to four short segments in a running time of 11 minutes, and season 2 focuses on less segments to make each episode far more memorable than ever, going as far as doubling the running time starting from season 2-b in favor of deeper stories.
  3. Genius comedy. Clash-A-Rama! will never take the audience's approval for granted, and gloriously fights to craft an experience that successfully carries the artistic, unforgettable and clever hilarity from dialogue to dialogue, rarely spilling the magic out of the barrel at all. You can tell without a doubt that the writers had a really good time doing their job!
    • Since the first episode, Supercell has even mocked their own AI.
    • Note how the couch gag of the title "CLASH-A-RAMA!" gets better and better every time it opens up
  4. The absolute bowl of characters seen in the series keep the audience on their seat, needless to say they hardly ever break a sweat while doing so! One can spot evidence of respect, inspiration and labor of love in each of the deep, relatable and, above all, immersive interactions they take part in.
  5. The iconic soundtrack. Surprisingly enough, it shines by itself without relying solely on the music from the games it is based on, and still manages to make room for those tracks and sounds when necessary.
  6. Correct use of references and fan service. The series' balancing of original jokes in proportion to self-aware and meta references satisfies all the audiences it's aiming for.
    • Spotlight vanquishers here have to be 'Donny and the Spell Factory' and 'Clone Alone', as they not only perfectly match the attributes talked about in the previous pointers (good handle of emotion, comedy, storytelling and character growth), they represent top-notch examples of WIR #6's topic withal
  7. Tolerable animation, spectacular recreations of the original Clash worlds in 2D backgrounds, and an art-style that nails the designs of the original 3D universe.
  8. Respects the source material with care. Outside of the main concept of Clash-A-Rama! (seeing what the characters do in their free time), we are delighted with a closer and never before seen approach of the same game content and practices by the characters (the Clans troops attack and loot villages, the town defenses do their things, the villagers and builders stay out of trouble, and the Royale troops attack and defend their kingdoms in the arena, the Princesses defend from inside their towers, the Kings choose what cards are sent out to fight in the arena).
  9. Voice acting that's expressive, funny, unique, and confident with the results it predicts to obtain, delivering the personality you'd expect from the characters greatly. Special mention to Tom Kenny who voices practically the most charming male characters out of each segment!
    • Replacing the cast of already-established characters from the games was a clever move to modify their personalities a bit, of course, outstanding examples are the Wizards and Hog Riders whose voices sound more natural and accurate to their 2D versions than how they'd have sounded if the original cast took those roles

Bad Qualities

  1. An inconvenient bag of mean-spirited interactions and dialogues that clearly weren't the best ways to pull off their respective moments.
  2. Visible to the naked eye are a lot of animation and audio errors.
  3. The action sequences are laughably pathetic with every letter.
  4. While WIR #2 explains what made the show's panoramic content good, the other side of the coin discloses a sad view on the topic. Season 1 is fully composed of short comedic skits, misleading episode titles and filler subplots. This was before the series took a different path starting from season 2, having longer episodes focused on one story rather than multiple stories forced inside one episode. It's worse when noting how the series didn't even try to put them together, resulting in a formula that's akin to the one of Pig Goat Banana Cricket and MAD.
  5. None of the characters return in later episodes outside of underwhelming cameos and the bland supporting cast. This will definitely upset fans excitedly waiting to see their favorite characters again.
  6. After the end of season 2 there's been no continuation to the series other than short specials. There's no exact information about the state of the show and if there will be a third season or not.


Clash-A-Rama! received near-universal acclaim from viewers, Supercell fans and Clash players, gaining a positive response from critics with a rating of 7.8 on IMDb. Determining factors to its popularity in the internet include memes spawned from the show, game theories and many Out of Context compilations.


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