Fractured Fables (1967)

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Fractured Fables (1967)
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Genre: Comedy
Running Time: 5-7 minutes
Country: United States
Release Date: April - December 31, 1967
Created by: Shamus Culhane (first three shorts)
Ralph Bakshi (last three shorts)
Distributed by: Paramount Pictures
Paramount Cartoon Studios
Starring: Bob McFadden
Corinne Orr
Episodes: 6

Fractured Fables is a series of American animated shorts created by Shamus Culhane and Ralph Bakshi, produced by Paramount Cartoon Studios, and distributed by Paramount Pictures. It is notable for being the last series produced by Paramount Cartoon Studios, as the studio would be closed down by Gulf+Western shortly after the series ended.


  • "My Daddy, the Astronaut" (Culhane/Eugster; April 1967; released with 2001: A Space Odyssey)
  • "The Stuck-Up Wolf" (Harriton/Eugster; September 1, 1967)
  • "The Stubborn Cowboy" (Harriton/Eugster; Oct 12, 1967; final short that was directed by both Shamus Culhane and Chuck Harriton)
  • "Mini-Squirts" (Bakshi/Crane; December 1, 1967; first short that was directed by Ralph Bakshi)
  • "The Fuz" (Bakshi/Crane; December 5, 1967)
  • "Mouse Trek" (Bakshi/Crane; December 31, 1967; final short that was directed by Ralph Bakshi as well as the last Famous Studios/Paramount Cartoon Studios short altogether)

Why It Rocks

  1. Just like Nudnik, it is one of the more decent Paramount Cartoon Studios series during the studio's dark age.
  2. The ideas of the cartoons (especially for Bakshi's shorts) are pretty interesting to see such as;
    • "My Daddy, the Astronaut"; A boy talks about astronaut (as his father).
    • "The Stuck-Up Wolf"; The story of “Red Robbin” Hood”.
    • "The Stubborn Cowboy"; A cowboy who won’t listen to advice, while interrupted by various commercials.
    • "The Fuz"; Super Basher and Bop rescue Poopsie from the “fuzz” that’s following her around.
    • "Mini-Squirts"; The typical life of a modern married couple, as enacted by little boy and little girl.
    • "Mouse Trek"; An Earth cat is abducted by alien cats who bring him to a planet terrorized by a "mouse" who's the giant.
  3. Wonderfully music scores by Winston Sharples (especially for Ralph Bakshi-directed shorts)
  4. The animation is subpar at best, but makes up for it with Al Eugster on board.
    • It got much better once Ralph Bakshi helped take the Fractured Fables in a very different direction.
      • Not only that, Bakshi's Terrytoons crew (Doug Crane, Cosmo Anzilotti, John Zago, Eli Bauer as Dante Barbetta, Jack Ehret, Peggy Breese and Ruth Platt) also joined up.
  5. "Mouse Trek" was a great way to end not only "Fractured Fables" series but the studio's catalog altogether after being open for a great 25 years.
  6. Bakshi's abstract character designs are a callback to his work on Possible Possum, Sad Cat and The Mighty Heroes (all three that came from Terrytoons) while Gil Miret's character designs resemble the kind of children’s crayon scrawl you’d expect to see held up by magnets on someone’s refrigerator.
    • Gil Miret's character designs are rendered the characters and their individual limbs, lets, heads and all that as separate pieces they could put together and manipulate underneath the camera.

Bad Qualities

  1. "Mini-Squirts" is the only bad episode in this series.
  2. The music scores by Winston Sharples (in Culhane's shorts), while okay, is pretty weak as it's used Harmonica in "My Daddy the Astronaut"
    • While using Harmonica isn't a bad idea for childlike form, it's kind sounded empty.
  3. Despite that Ralph Bakshi directed the shorts in this series, his shorts felt out-of-place compared to Culhane's shorts (that take place on children’s POV shorts that was drawn in child scrawl and narrated by a little boy).
  4. As with most cartoons in the dark era, there are so many limited amount of stock sound effects in all these shorts, especially with "The Fuz" and "My Daddy, the Astronaut".


  • "My Daddy, the Astronaut" is the first Famous Studios/Paramount Cartoon Studios film to be shown at an animation festival.

See Also

  • Go-Go Toons - the second-to-final series that was created by Paramount Cartoon Studios to present miscellaneous ideas and new experiments.


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