Garfield and Friends

Garfield and Friends
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"I hate Mondays"
Genre: Comedy
Running Time: 22–48 minutes
Country: United States
Release Date: September 17, 1988 – December 10, 1994
Network(s): CBS
Created by: Jim Davis
Starring: Gregg Berger
Thom Huge
Desirée Goyette
Howie Morris
Frank Welker
Seasons: 7
Episodes: 121
Next show: The Garfield ShowTTSW

Garfield and Friends is a 1988-1994 American television animated series based on the comic strip works by Jim Davis, which features short subjects such as Garfield and US Acres/Orson’s Farm. It aired on CBS.

Why It Rocks

  1. Faithful to both the Garfield and US Acres comic strips.
  2. The Quickies are entertaining, cute and funny, and some of them are adaptations of the comic strips.
  3. The characters are funny, likable and have such good spirits, the titular Garfield for example.
  4. The voice acting is decent.
  5. Entertaining humor and slapstick. The fourth wall breaking humor is also pretty enjoyable.
  6. There some moments that are heartwarming, emotional and funny, especially in some of the US Acres episodes.
  7. Splendid animation that captures the styles of both Garfield and US acres perfectly.
  8. The opening theme songs like "Friends are There" and "We're Ready to Party" are very enjoyable and fun to listen to.
  9. "Mistakes will Happen" makes a jab at animation errors in cartoons at the time.
  10. Many great episodes such as:
    • "Peace & Quiet"
    • "Wanted: Wade"
    • "Garfield Goes Hawaiian"
    • "Box O' Fun"
    • "Don't Move"
    • "Unidentified Flying Orson"
    • "Ode to Odie"
    • "Dessert in the Desert"

Bad Qualities

  1. The rap song used in Season 7, while enjoyable, is kind of bland.
  2. The early US Acres episodes can be a little too preachy.
  3. The backgrounds when zooming out can look unfinished at times.
  4. The recent Boomerang remasters of the episodes (Which is supposedly the remaster PAWS promised back in June) is a straight downgrade with a horribly reanimated intro, unnecessary cropping, and use of screen borders on each episode, with the episodes zoomed in, making this so-called remastered version worthless. The credits are also replaced with a cheap static background with the original audio intact.
    • However, the only good thing about this so-called "remastered" version is the color correction used for all the episodes, and that is it. Everything else about this remaster is horrible. Not helping is that there are shows that came out decades before (like Star Trek and Speed Racer) that have a more high-quality remaster, making this one unacceptable.
  5. Its follow up "The Garfield Show", is a major disappointment and fails to live up to the standards of this show, or even understand what Garfield is in general.
  6. The final two seasons were when the show's quality began to dip, due to overdoing it on the fourth wall breaks and retiring all the side characters who aren't Nermal or Floyd.
  7. The show ends on a cliffhanger with the characters stranded in the sea.


  • Garfield and Friends was not only popular in the United States of America, it was also popular in Europe (especially in Italy), too.




4 months ago
Score 3
I never watched Garfield before but its pretty cool.

Mr. Dready

3 months ago
Score 2
I remember watching a Garfield Youtube Poop, which is also a Sailor Moon Youtube Poop, what’s funny is, i’ve watched it before i’ve even watched Sailor Moon.

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