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Gate Keepers

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Gate Keepers
Gate Keepers promo pic.png
The gates that seal the Invaders' fate.
Genre: Anime
Science Fiction
Running Time: 24 minutes
Country: Japan
Release Date: 3 April - 18 September 2000 (Japan)
Network(s): WOWOW (original network)
AXN (Asian TV Channel) (English network)
Created by: Hiroshi Yamaguchi (manga)
Entertainment Software Publishing (video game)
Distributed by: Anime Works (all media)
Pioneer Entertainment (all media)
Seasons: 1
Episodes: 24
Next show: Gate Keepers 21

Gate Keepers (or Geto Kipazu in Japanese) is a 2000 Japanese anime television series. It is based on a video game of the same title developed by Entertainment Software Publishing, as well as a manga created and written by Hiroshi Yamaguchi. The studio that produced the show was Gonzo. It was followed by a sequel mini-series, Gate Keepers 21.


In 1969, the country of Japan is facing an economic and social development crisis following the second World War. Earthlings there and elsewhere on Earth are unaware that aliens have plans for world domination and use agents to possess humans, turning them into robotic minions and using them for their own gain. These extraterrestrials are called Invaders. To combat this, a clandestine organization known as A.E.G.I.S. (Alien Exterminating Global Intercept System) was formed with special financial support from the government. There are others like it around the world, but the Japanese location is the focus here. The agency's headquarters are located underground, underneath Tategami High School, which is used as a front. A group of high school students are members of this agency and they're known as Gate Keepers, who unleash the power of supernatural, dimensional portals used to capture the Invaders once they're opened. This arsenal is their only means of eliminating the Invaders. The agency being located under the school is convenient for the students as it allows them to travel from the school easily and quickly to the HQ when needed.

Why It Rocks

  1. The show's setting of the late 1960s/early '70s and the involvement of mecha happens to be when mecha anime in general began, making this for an intriguing coincidence.
  2. The originality of this puts a new spin on the prevent-world-domination plot.
  3. The art is sharp enough and the animation isn't anything to complain about either.
  4. The writing is of the utmost quality and done smartly.
  5. The character designs are terrific.
  6. Many outstanding, lovable, and memorable characters, some of which undergo development.
  7. Well-explained back stories with several of the characters.
  8. A thrilling theme song.
  9. The voice acting in the English dub sounds terrific.
  10. Exciting, action-packed scenes or sequences.
  11. Funny, wacky moments, like the recurring gag with Ruriko and the nickname for her, as well as why she received that nickname, and the Marilyn Maneuver moments with Baruko Ogawa (though there is a surprise twist with the latter).
  12. Well-written lines of dialogue for the English dub and good lines.
  13. The featuring of such advanced technology in the time in which this is set gives a whole, different aspect in this alternate history or reality.

Bad Qualities

  1. Fans of the game and manga may be disappointed that Francine Allumage doesn't appear in the show. She might've been brought in eventually if the series had run longer.
  2. The show ended sooner than it should've, as it had plenty of room left for more potential.
  3. Some may not find Gate Keepers 21 as enjoyable as this.