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Irmão do Jorel

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Irmão do Jorel
Brazilian animation at it's finest.
Genre: Comedy
Running Time: 11 minutes
Country: Brazil
Release Date: September 22, 2014 - present
Network(s): Cartoon Network Brazil
Created by: Juliano Enrico
Distributed by: Copa Studios
Seasons: 4
Episodes: 104 (planned)

Irmão do Jorel (Jorel's Brother) is a Brazilian animated comedy created by Juliano Enrico on Cartoon Network. It is about a curly-haired boy who is so overshadowed by his older brother Jorel, that nobody manages to know his name, calling him Jorel's Brother.

Why It Is Show de Bola

  1. The fact that nobody knows Jorel's Brother's name adds to the tone and concept of the show in a good way.
  2. It teases the "middle brother gets less attention" shtick by making the middle brother the center of all attention.
  3. It uses black comedy in a pretty funny and ridiculous way.
  4. The main cast is full of really interesting characters.
    • Jorel's Brother is the younger child, who strives to find his own way to popularity and relevance.
    • Jorel is the middle child, who never speaks and gets worshipped by everyone at school.
    • Nico is the older child, who has a band and enjoys rock music.
    • Mr. Edson is the father, who's a revolutionary actor and artist.
    • Ms. Danusa is the mother, who's obsessed with exercise and dancing.
    • Granny Gigi, mother of Ms. Danusa, a badass old woman who sits on a chair watching action movies all day.
    • Granny Juju, the mother of Mr. Edson, an old lady who's obsessed with avocados and healthy foods.
    • Lara, who's the best friend of Jorel's Brother that moves away to Japan on the episode "Ceramics Elephant"
  5. Many relatable plots which go overboard in the middle of the episodes, like working on a school project and getting your homework ruined.
  6. Also there are many references to the Brazilian 80s and 90s, making the show itself quite nostalgic.
  7. In Season 2, the art style gets a massive upgrade in both the characters and backgrounds, which are more streamlined and smoothed out (though some people prefer the old art style). It also fixed the plot hole of several teenager background characters studying in third grade with eight-years old like Jorel's brother, by making all of them into little kids in their redesigns.
  8. Amazing soundtrack, such as the songs from the fictional band "Cuecas in Chamas".
  9. Many funny lines which have become memes on the internet (mostly from Vovó Juju, the most beloved character of the show) such as "Come abacate bem", "Ana Catarina, que nome feio", "Lavou o zezinho?"

Bad Qualities

  1. There is some gross out, which can be distracting at times.
  2. Jorel's Brother's voice can be annoying to some.
  3. The art style can be ugly to some, although it was heavily improved in Season 2.
  4. As of Season 3, the show became increasingly surreal and weird, instead of the slice-of-life episodes in the earlier seasons which were more simple and relatable for the viewers.


Irmão do Jorel received critical acclaim and it sits at 9.2/10 on IMDb.