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[[File:3460a646-a32d-462d-a88b-b8baa3d4368e-1b84f17c.jpg|thumb|300px|"Wa-tu-da-dy-ya! Hoo!"]]
'''''Kikoriki''''' (known in Russia as '''''Smeshariki''''') is a Russian animated children’s cartoon about nine round animal characters and their adventures. It ran from 2004-2012.
==Why It Rocks==
#It tackles very harsh subjects.
#The theme song is very catchy.
#*The theme song for the 4Kids dub was also great.
#It has something children and adults will both like.
#Nice Adobe Flash animation using Macromedia Flash.
#Great voice acting in Moscow, Russia.
#It was the kid-friendly yet serious version of adult shows, such as ''[[Happy Tree Friends]]'' and ''[[South Park]]''.
#Likable characters, such as Krash in sky blue, Chiko in magenta, Wally in lavender, Rosa in light pink, Carlin in dark blue, Olga in purple, Pin in black and white, Dokko in golden yellow, and Barry in orange.
#Plenty of hilarious moments and adult jokes.
#Spawned two great 3D animated spinoffs: BabyRiki and Kikoriki: Pin-Code.
#It also spawned the movie Kikoriki. Team Invincible
#In 2008, the live show was only released in Russia that aired on Telenyanya (currently Carousel).
==Bad Qualities==
#The 4Kids dub can sometimes be off-putting.
#The English voices were not-well received.
#The Movie sequels and Kikoriki: New Adventures, weren't very well-received.
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