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Mao Mao: Heroes of Pure Heart
"I love you, I love you Mao Mao! Finally my dreams are coming true! You're showing me how, how to be a hero like you!"
Genre: Science Fantasy
Running Time: 11 minutes
Country: United States
Release Date: July 1, 2019 – Present
Network(s): Cartoon Network
Created by: Parker Simmons
Distributed by: Warner Bros. Television Distribution
Starring: Parker Simmons
Griffith Kimmins
Lika Leong
Chris McCulloch
Tommy Blacha
Seasons: 1
Episodes: 40

Mao Mao: Heroes of Pure Heart (commonly just called Mao Mao, abbreviated as MMHOPH) is an American action cartoon show, originally created by Parker Simmons and co-developed by Cartoon Network Studios and Titmouse Inc. The show revolves around the title character, Mao Mao, and his friends Badgerclops and Adorabat.


After accidentally damaging the Pure Heart Ruby, a gigantic heart shaped ruby that protects Pure Heart Valley, hero pair Mao Mao and Badgerclops get promoted to sheriff and deputy respectively. Their main job is to protect Pure Heart Valley and its inhabitants the sweetiepies (who are very defenseless and would rather stay away from trouble) from the sky pirates, led by Orangasnake.

When the pair first set foot in Pure Heart Valley, they encountered Adorabat, a sweetiepie who, unlike the others, has a sense of adventure and craves action and adventure. After the end of the first episode, she joins the hero pair as a deputy.

Why It Rocks

  1. Amazing anime-esque animation.
  2. The show has a balanced mix of action and comedy.
  3. Each character (including citizens from Pure Heart Valley) has a really likable personality.
  4. Great character development, especially with Mao Mao.
  5. The show also has some great continuity.
    • For example, in the episode 'Small', Badgerclops learns that Mao Mao's full name is 'Mao Mao Mao'. Later in the episode 'Captured Clops' it is learned that he changed Mao Mao's contact info in his computer arm to 'Mao Mao Mao'.
  6. This show tries to blend most of the Cartoon Network shows into one. The Amazing World of Gumball, a show about a big-headed amusing blue cat who has a pet goldfish with sprouted legs as his best buddy, Adventure Time, a show about a male teenager who has a 28-year old dog as a friend living in a fantasy world, We Bare Bears, a show about three different types of bears who manage to be brothers, Samurai Jack, a show about a samurai warrior who makes a quest to return to the past undoing the destruction caused by a wizard, and The Powerpuff Girls, a show about three sugar-coated girls who fight crime and save the world before bedtime.
  7. Occasional musical numbers that are extremely catchy and enjoyable.
  8. Like Bluey, Most episodes at the end teach the characters a lesson.
    • "The Perfect Adventure" have a good moral about it's not the right thing to lie to others.
  9. The show keeps fart jokes and gross-out humor to a minimum, using this kind of humor only sparingly.
  10. In “Thumb War” , a Nintendo Switch makes a cameo appearance.
  11. The opening sequence is really warm-hearted.
    • Also, the closing credits song is really sad to listen to, but it’s still pretty good.
  12. The costumes in the show look amazing because this show has lots of merchandise sold on Amazon.

Bad Qualities

  1. Some inappropriate scenes for a show aimed at kids are present. These are examples.
    • In 'The Truth StinksTTSW (that one infamous episode of this show),' Badgerclops inappropriately makes out with and licks a beignet, and cries afterwards "I'll never love like that again!"
    • Mao Mao was twerking in “Not Impressed” (even though it’s still a good episode) over losing his tail.
    • "Mao Mao's Nakey" was the worst offender for two reasons:
        1. There was one disgusting clip where Mao Mao licks his butt in a Cartoon Network show, for kids! We kid you not.
        2. It also had a scene where Mao Mao butt-wipes almost close to Chubbum’s face that can be spawned as an internet meme as taken here.
  2. While the character Adorabat is still a likable cute bat character, she can be annoying or done something wrong sometimes.
  3. Despite personality about Mao Mao's father (Shin Mao) explained properly in Mao Mao's past, the conflict between Mao Mao and Shin Mao was resolved too fast.
  4. It was put on hiatus in 2020 because the creator of the show took a big break and only 10 new episodes aired on that year.
  5. While this show have good episodes like "Small" and "Outfoxed", It has some bad episodes like "The Truth Stinks"


  • Mao Mao was started out as an online video on YouTube in 2014, which is 5 years before Cartoon Network took their interest and chose to turn it into an animated series.
  • Parker Simmons, the creator and actor who played Mao Mao, was being inactive from making episodes for really big while due to the hiatus of the show in 2020 while the show got renewed for a 2nd season, which will premiere anytime in 2021.
  • As of September 1, 2020, It became available to stream on HBO Max along with Over the Garden Wall and OK K.O.! Let's Be Heroes.

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11 months ago
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Wish I could watch this. However I don't have cable, and my dad didn't let me watch CN when my grandma had cable before she died. That was cause he hates the shows (especially Gumball) with a burning passion.


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It's on Kimcartoon.


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Or get him temporary blocked


6 months ago
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It’s like Samurai Jack, but in animal version.


5 months ago
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I regret bashing Bencoolboy2911 Paw Patrol’s opinion on this show when I made a commentary back in February on my YouTube channel from July 2019. I regret making commentary videos like these.


5 months ago
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I actually have a man-crush on Mao Mao.

NOTE: I'm bisexual.


4 months ago
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Dude! You can’t have man-crushes on fictional characters! Besides, there’s no such thing as man-crushes! Or is there?


4 months ago
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Hey, you ain't the boss of me.


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And man-crushes are a thing, google it.


3 months ago
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"Well, I'm sorry." - Grampa


2 months ago
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If I saw Mao Mao in real life, I would feed him chocolate.

GOTCHA FLAPJACKS! I will never feed Mao Mao chocolate because chocolate because chocolate is bad for cats and the FBI would get me.


26 days ago
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That's enough to trick some people XD

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