Parasyte -the maxim-

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Parasyte -the maxim-
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"You guys do not notice that we

Are gifted just by being humans We are absolute predators We do not even have any enemies Maybe there are other animals watching us And thinking that someday we will beat them down"

Genre: Action
Running Time: 24
Country: Japan
Release Date: October 9, 2014 – March 26, 2015
Network(s): Nippon TV (Japan)
Frissons TV (Canada)
Animax Asia (Southeast Asia)
Adult Swim (United States)
Seasons: 1
Episodes: 24

Parasyte -the maxim- (Japanese: 寄生獣, Hepburn: Kiseijū, lit. "Parasitic Beasts") is an anime based on the manga with the same name created by Hitoshi Iwaaki published in Kodansha's Morning Open Zōkan and Monthly Afternoon magazine from 1988 to 1995. The series is animated by Madhouse and directed by Kenichi Shimizu.


Parasyte centers on a male 17-year-old high school student named Shinichi Izumi, who lives with his mother and father in a quiet neighborhood in Tokyo, Japan. One night, strange worm-like creatures with drills as a 'head' called Parasytes appear on Earth, taking over the brains of human hosts by entering through their ears or noses. One Parasite attempts to crawl into Shinichi's nose while he sleeps, but fails as Shinichi wakes up, and enters his body by burrowing into his hand instead.It takes over his right hand and is named Migi. Because Shinichi was able to prevent Migi from travelling further up into his brain, both beings retain their separate intellect and personality. As the duo encounter other Parasites, they capitalize on their strange situation and gradually form a strong bond, working together to survive. This gives them an edge in battling other Parasites who frequently attack the pair upon realization that Shinichi's human brain is still intact. Shinichi feels compelled to fight other Parasites, who devour humans as food, while enlisting Migi's help.

Why It Rocks

  1. Shinichi and Migi are extremely likable characters as both have unique personalities.
  2. Let me hear is a fantastic opening, as well as It's the right time being a very good Ending.
  3. The series has fantastic themes on what it's like to be human.
  4. The voice acting both sub and dub is extremely good.
  5. Very emotional moments such as Shinchi's mother's death, Migi leaving Shinichi, and Shinchi saving Maruno.
  6. The series (Outside of change it to set in modern times) remained faithful to the original manga.
  7. Very great animation.

Bad Qualities

  1. Maruno, while not a bad character. can be annoying at times with her phrase "Are you really Shinichi?"
    • She also felt very poorly written and could've been better.
  2. Most of the side cast weren't that are developed, very interesting and have no purposes to the greater narrative, with the delinquent, Mitsuo being the worst offender.
  3. Some scenes that were in the manga don't appear.
  4. While the soundtrack is good, the trap beat music feels very out of place.