Police × Heroine Lovepatrina!

Police × Heroine Lovepatrina! (ポリス×戦士 ラブパトリーナ!, Porisu × Senshi Rabupatorīna!) is a Japanese tokusatsu TV drama series that began airing on July 26, 2020 until June 27, 2021. It is the fourth installment in the Girls × Heroine Series produced by Takara Tomy and OLM, Inc. (with the assistance of Shogakukan and EXPG Studio).

"We'll arrest you with love and a pat!"

The series is directed by Takashi Miike and stars Miyu Watanabe, Rina Yamaguchi, Yui Yamashita and Yura Sugiura. Additional cast members include Keiji Kuroki and Saeko Kamijō. The plot centers around Lovepatrina, a group of young girls who protect people's love from the antagonist Warupyoco, who plans on removing love from the world to create his own.

The show launched a brief idol career for the main cast members, who perform as the Japanese idol girl group lovely².

Why It Arrests With Love

  1. The acting is absolutely brilliant.
  2. Very amazing costumes of characters, notably Tsubasa's.
  3. Adorable moments such as Sarai bonding with her dad.
  4. Lovepyoco's puppet design is very cute. It is coloured pink.
  5. The villains are very menacing but they have funny moments to make viewers wheeze with laughter.
  6. The characters are kind-spirited, they even are respectful to Loveji, their mentor.
  7. The transformation scenes have amazing elements in them.
  8. Catchy opening and ending songs!
  9. The finale is heart-warming and emotional though none of the characters weep.
  10. The Love Zeros have amazing portrayal.
  11. The movie was an cinemarche masterpiece.
  12. Great morals taught to the 2 to 6 demographic.

Bad Qualities

  1. On Episode 35, When Runa is transformed to a Love Zero, She starts acting like a self-righteous person who is screaming a lot whilst saying her lines.
  2. Lovepyoco's voice can be irritating at some episodes due to her having an excitable personality.
  3. Their voices in the English dub of Tomica Kizuna Gattai Earth Granner are painfully abysmal to listen to as the voices don't match the Japanese original at all.