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|Image=Robot and Monster.jpg
|Running Time=22 Minutes
|Country=United States
|Release Date=August 4, 2012 – March 4, 2015
|Created by=Dave Pressler<br>Joshua Sternin<br>J.R. Ventimilia
|Distributed by=ViacomCBS Domestic Media Networks
|Starring=Curtis Armstrong<br>Harland Williams<br>Jonathan Slavin<br>Maurice LaMarche<br>Megan Hilty<br>Cree Summer
'''Robot and Monster''' is a Nickelodeon television show which aired on August 4, 2012 through March 4, 2015
== Plot ==
The series follows the day-to-day lives of Robot Default, a genius inventor, living with his roommate Monster Krumholtz, a cheerful and estuachtic purple creature.
== Good Qualities ==
# Robot and Monster are funny and likable characters.
# The show sends out such great morals such as " You shouldn't let fear run in your life", or "Fame isn't everything".
# The animation is really good.
# Such funny moments.
# '''One character to sum this series up:'''Marf.
# The show has a creative use of slapstick.
# The concept is really interesting and is full on well executed.
# It's really fascinating that the background characters are usually drafted by different personalities.
# The songs "I Love Love" and "Take the Spiders Outside" are really catchy.
== Bad Qualities ==
# The show's pretty mean-spirited mostly to Robot.
# The show didn't have a lore, and Nickelodeon didn't have that much faith in the show.
# Robot's family is very unlikable as they shun Robot just because he isn't snobby like the rest of them.
# Some bad episodes such as "Doctor, No" and "Litterbug".
# Due to the low ratings and lack of recognition from other viewers, the show was moved to Nicktoons with the episodes being aired out of order.
#* It was cancelled after one season.
#The Punch Morley memory loss running gag is a tad annoying.
== Episodes With Their Own Pages ==
[[A Better Marf Trap (Robot and Monster)|A]] [[A Better Marf Trap (Robot and Monster)|Better]] [[A Better Marf Trap (Robot and Monster)|Marf]] [[A Better Marf Trap (Robot and Monster)|Trap]]
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y One Season]]