Running Man (Animated Series)

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Running Man (Animated Series)
"It's running time!"
Genre: Action comedy
Running Time: 13 minutes
Country: South Korea
Release Date: July 29, 2017 – June 15, 2019
Network(s): Cartoon Network
Prime Video
Distributed by: Seoul Broadcasting System
Starring: Rachel Slotky
Carrie Savage
Daniel J. Edwards
Matthew Shaw
Syndi Szabo
Mark Szabo
Seasons: 2
Episodes: 97

Running Man is the Korean animated version of the original series of the same name from the year 2017. It is animated by Locus Animation and broadcast by Cartoon Network in Asia. It has two seasons: the first, with 48 episodes (plus one that only aired in South Korea) and the second, with another 48 episodes.


Asia's most loved performing arts running man, reborn as an animation! A left-and-right comedy created by seven charmingly expressed characters! Original animation that combines action and adventure!

Why It's Running Time

  1. The animation and designs are pleasing to the eye, just like the color palette used in the series.
  2. The plot of the series is entertaining.
  3. The fight scenes are epic.
  4. When new characters are introduced, the moment doesn't feel forced.
  5. The English dub of the series and the original voices in Korean are passable.
  6. Although the first season is better than the second, both are passable

Bad Qualities

  1. Miyo's Outfit In Season 2 Was Changed Due To Some Controversy
  2. There are some scenes that are slightly unsuitable for children (example: a short scene from episode 6).
  3. Awful Hindi Dub On Par With The English Dub of Squid Game.

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