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== Episodes With Their Own Pages ==
== Episodes With Their Own Pages ==
*[[Survivial of the Idiot (STIX)|Survivial of the Idiot]]
*[[Survivial of the Idiot (STIX)|Survivial of the Idiot]]
== Reception ==
== Reception ==

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Stix jacob and larry by realyoshiplayer d8vvupw-fullview.jpg
Went from a Dick Figures rip-off into trying to do it's own thing.
Genre: Comedy
Running Time: 2-5 minutes
Country: Australia
Release Date: July 22, 2014 - present
Network(s): YouTube
Created by: Mitchell Tansell
Distributed by: Slide Productions
Starring: Mitchell Tansell
Konori Okuyama
Angie Ph
Seasons: 4
Episodes: 40
Next show: Ordinary Girl

STIX is a Australian traditional animated web-series that first premiered on July 22, 2014. The show is created and produced by Mitchell Tansell, who's also worked on reviews and plush series as well as animation.


STIX centers on the lives of two best friends named Jacob and Larry, who go through their daily routines of insanity, stupidity, and Allen.

Why It Rocks Now

  1. It’s a big improvement over the first 2 seasons.
  2. Despite the plots being simple like the first 2 seasons of The Loud House, but it’s execution is decent.
  3. Good episodes like “Beginning Things”, “Desert Disaster”, “Love Me, Love My Yoshi”, “Body Builders”, “Meeting You”, “Allen”, “Allen’s Origins”, “Friends”, “Popu-Larry-ty”, “Survivial of the Idiot” and more!
  4. The creator Mitchell Tansell, had created other memorable shows like “The Toy Show”, “Ordinary Girl”, “Let’s Tackle” and more, besides STIX.
  5. The animation used to be cheap and AWFUL, especially the audio, but S2 was a slight improvement over Season 1. But now, the animation is really solid, especially from Episode 32 onwards.
  6. There’s a movie based on the show in production, but it’s also a remake of the mediocre 2016 movie.
  7. It’s reboot STIX Reborn, despite being remakes of the first two seasons, It’s still good as the main series.
  8. Likeable characters for the most part.
  9. Great art style.
  10. It’s spin-off Ordinary Girl, was also really solid.
  11. Depending on your view, the movie was decent and redeemed STIX. This may be a bad quality but the movie was mediocre.
  12. Very funny humour, especially from Jacob.
  13. Allen is a god.
  14. After Season 2, the show uses Adobe Flash for animation entirely.

Bad Qualities

  1. There is some bad episodes, mostly from the first 2 seasons.
  2. It was a Dick Figures rip-off, although the execution was improved.
  3. Characters were flanderized from the first 2 seasons:
    • Jacob was a creep and a Patrick rip-off.
    • Larry was a short-tempered person and only cares about himself and Zoey.
    • Stella was a one note character who loves Yoshi and Jacob. And her voice was AWFUL. But thankfully it was improved in The STIX Movie.
    • Zoey was a boring character that doesn't have a personality other than she loves Larry. And like Stella, her voice was awful, but was improved in The STIX Movie.
  4. The episodes are very short, but there was only one episode that was 22 minutes and the movie was 42 minutes.
  5. Seasons 1-2 are panned as the weakest seasons of the entire series, especially Season 1.

Episodes With Their Own Pages


STIX garnered positive reception with many considering it the savior of the first 2 seasons following it's dark age. Specific Praise came for its animation, voice acting, characterization, and the humour from each of the characters.


  • The writer Nicholas Lozano, had also worked on an another show called The Adventure of Nick.




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