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"We're going Shinzo!"
Genre: Action
Country: Japan
Release Date: February 5, 2000 – September 23, 2000
Network(s): Fox Kids
ABC Family
TV Asahi
Seasons: 2
Episodes: 32

Shinzo, known as Mushrambo (マシュランボー, Mashuranbō) in Japan, is an anime television series produced by Toei Animation. In the series, genetically-altered creatures known as Enterrans take over Earth and rename it in their own image called Enterra. Now three Enterrans have to protect the last human in order to find the hidden sanctuary called Shinzo and restore the human race. The anime focuses primarily on the adventures they undergo while working to accomplish this task. The series was licensed and dubbed by Saban Entertainment & Buena Vista Television. The show was aired on ABC Family as the action block (later known as Jetix block) from July 2002 to March 2005 until reruns moved to Toon Disney (later rebranded as Disney XD) as the Jetix block from March 2005 to February 2009.


In the distant past, the Guardian of the Milky Way galaxy named Lanancuras began to harbor a desire for more power. Because of his connection to the galaxy, he was able to absorb parts of planets and add them to his strength. As a result, he began invading the worlds he was assigned to protect. In the wake of his destruction, a following of creatures from across the galaxy pledged allegiance to Lanancuras and became known as the Kadrians. Taking notice of his ever-growing power and followers, the other Celestial Guardians confronted him; however, he had become too powerful, and they were defeated. Unable to subdue Lanancuras, the Celestial Guardians each gave up a part of their power and combined it into a single new Guardian, Mushra. In a final desperate attempt, they used Mushra's core by transforming it into a powerful card with which to seal Lanancuras in a prison. The prison was created from the remains of planets that had suffered under Lanancuras' tyranny. Because planets are themselves large beings, their combined strength- along with the power of the card- was able to restrain him. Thus Lanancuras was successfully sealed in a large meteorite.

The meteorite was sent off into the galaxy to be sealed forever. Meanwhile, the way Lanancuras had increased his strength had consequences on the planets of the Milky Way. On Earth, it was in the shape of a virus that merged with human DNA and destroyed the humans that way. In order to eliminate the virus, scientists worked on combining human DNA with the DNA of animals and other creatures immune to the effects. They succeeded and created a sentient race known as Enterrans (a race of engineered Earthlings) which are based on humans, insects, reptiles, birds, sea creatures, wild beasts, and phantom beasts. Eventually, a cure was found and the human race survived. This all took place around the 22nd century.

Thanks to Lanancuras' influence, the Enterrans fought their human creators as well as the humans robotic creations, driving the human race to a near extinction state. Luckily, a scientist named Dr. Daigo Tatsuro placed his 4-year-old daughter Yakumo in a sleep chamber in hopes that she would save the human race and find the human sanctuary Shinzo and bring peace back to Earth which was then renamed to Enterra. When the meteor that Lanancuras was imprisoned in struck Earth during the earlier parts of the Human-Enterran War, it's fragment had struck an infant Yakumo giving her abilities that she would later discover.

Why It Rocks

  1. The show has a mash-up between Dragon Ball Z, Cardcaptors or simply Yu-Gi-Oh!
  2. Memorable quote from Mushra: "Hyper Flame Mushrambo!"
  3. Awesome, but catchy theme song for the show's intro.
  4. Here are the reasons of the show has counterparts with Dragon Ball Z:
    • Mushra's scream during his transformation was awesome to watch. Speaking of his scream, like Goku (the main protagonist of Dragon Ball series) did where he powers up.
    • Both shows were made by Saban in English dub. Also in Japan, they're both made by Toei Animation.
    • Mushra's hair looks almost like Trunks' hair (his hair was even purple in the manga, while Mushra's hair was in the anime).
    • Before starting the fight with Lanancuras, Mushra's eyes were completely white (without his eye pupils) and leaving his hair rises up with spiky, just like how Goku and Future Trunks did for becoming Super Saiyans. For Future Trunks, both him and Mushra carry their swords as well as they're protagonists.
  5. Good voice acting.
  6. Mushra shows his strength to become brave enough and fight back, while desperately to save Yakumo from villains throughout the series.
  7. Yakumo is a kind and helpful person. Plus, aside from Mushra, she was the lead character of the show.
  8. Awesome and intense fights, like episodes 21 - "The Battle of One", 30 - "Mushra's Mission", 31 - "Soul Survivor", and 32 - "Long Live Yakumo".
  9. Season 1's ending was great and it should've been the end of the show.
  10. Mushra, Sago, and Kutal were allies, similarly to Sora, Donald, and Goofy from the Kingdom Hearts series.

Bad Qualities

  1. For some strange reason on season 1, the show leaves a cliffhanger by stopping at episode 20. After that, it goes on hiatus. Eventually, it was finished at the last episode in the next 3 years and then season 2 onward.
  2. Speaking of which, Season 2's ending was awful, rushed and confusing as it doesn't make any sense at all where both Yakumo and Mushra died. The manga, however, has a good ending with both Yakumo and Mushra having survived and later getting married.
  3. Yakumo gets easily capture by various villains in each episode throughout the series, despite her weakness.
  4. Mushra's scream gets a little annoying at times (it's like the next Dragon Ball Z level).
  5. Mushra sometimes to be lazy and selfish.
  6. At one point, Mushra portrayed as a mischievous villain in episode 4, "Day at the Park", where he gets the chance to do a little revenge for being sent away, when Yakumo, Sago and Kutal were invited to join a festival, while he still roams about.
  7. Even though the voice acting is good, it felt bad in some episodes.
  8. Some episodes were considered to be boring, due to the lack of written scripts.
  9. Binka, the new cast of main characters, sometimes became bossy and annoying at the start of season 2's episodes.