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**Oggy is named after the David Bowie album "Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars", and Iggy Pop.
** Dee Dee, Marky and Joey were named after the punk rock group, The Ramones.
**Oggy is also the only character to appear in every single episode, since in some episodes between Season 1 and 2, Dee Dee follows Oggy and Jack in their trips alone like in "Happy Campers" and "Sea Risks..." and Marky and Joey appear by themselves in "Hip hip hipnosis" and "Perpetual motion" respectively.
**Jack's name and relation to Oggy might be a reference to Cousin Jack's Pasty Co., a shop providing cornish pasties - an alternate name being that of "oggy".
* It lost its rights to Cartoon Network/Nick India somewhere around 2012, which would then make Toonz Entertainment come up with a despicable rip-off called [[Mh:terribletvshows:Pakdam Pakdai]] (due to the show's popularity there).