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The Boss Maybe (The Loud House): Revision history

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4 September 2022

25 July 2022

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20 February 2022

13 February 2022

  • curprev 19:0119:01, 13 February 2022RainbowVampireGirl talk contribs 1,716 bytes +1,716 Created page with "<!-- Article content below this line --> {{EpisodeInfobox|name=The Boss Maybe|Series=The Loud House|Part of Season=5|Episode Number=2|Previous episode=Schooled|Next episode=Family Bonding|Air Date=September 18, 2020|Caption="Looks like Leni redeemed herself..."}} ==Why It Rocks / Why It Rocks Now / Why They Rock / Why They Rock Now / Good Qualities== # The premise for this episode was good. # The plot for this episode was also good. # Leni, Lori, Fiona, Miguel,..." Tag: Visual edit