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I'm thinking of starting my own youtube channel in the future...

Stomps (talkcontribs)

I'm thinking of starting my own Cartoon Reviewing youtube channel (that hopefully doesn't end up like Vailskibum94 or worse). The channel is gonna be like a combination of The Alpha Jay Show and Chris Stuckmann, an Animated Character reviewing a Cartoon or a Youtuber that gives scores at the end of the review (Example, Amphibia C- 54/100). i'll call the channel "Stomp-it Don!" (I will not use Doggy Don in the series, Sorry Pakdam Pakdai fans..). If a cartoon gets a score lower than a C-, then it's bad, If higher than a C+, Then it's good, in between is Average

1-10 = F-

11-17 = F

18-29 = F+

30-34 = D-

35-39 = D

40-49 = D+

50-54 = C-

55-60 = C

61-65 = C+

66-70 = B-

74-78 = B

79-83 = B+

84-89 = A-

90-97 = A

98-100 = A+

Anyone have suggestions to improve my channel idea?

Trevor807 (talkcontribs)

I wish you luck with this. Great concept.

NintenDylan64 (talkcontribs)

Same with me. I might do my own game reviews, mostly gonna start with NES games. And I might make some plush videos as well.