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Steven Universe - Mr. Greg

Mr. Greg is an episode of Steven Universe from Season 3.


After earning a bunch of money in the previous episode (Drop Beat Dad), Greg, Steven and Pearl go to Empire City together.

Why It Rocks

  1. The animation is beautiful in this episode, especially when it shows a layout of Empire City and when the camera does a 360 spin around Pearl.
  2. The songs are all awesome and wonderfully composed and sung, and they all flow into each other well. "Don't Cost Nothin'" is a simple, laid-back song, "Empire City" is an upbeat rock song, "Mr. Greg" is quirky and fast-paced, "It's Over Isn't It" is an emotional jazz-like song, and "Both Of You" is a very heartwarming song that provides character development for Greg and Pearl.
  3. It is only 11 minutes long, and yet packs a lot of emotion into it, especially during "It's Over Isn't It".
  4. Pearl gets a lot of development in this episode. She finally accepts that Rose didn't love her like she loved her and that she shouldn't hold that against Greg, AKA the man Rose chose to be with over Pearl.
  5. It provides a good moral of letting go of the past.
  6. Funny moments, such as Greg breaking the table or Steven bribing someone to leave the piano.
  7. It set up an arc where Greg is rich.

Winx Club

Come join the club!

Winx Club is an Italian cartoon created by Iginio Straffi, produced by his company Rainbow s.r.l. and co-produced by RAI Fiction and Nickelodeon (for a few seasons); it premiered in Italy in 2003 and currently span eight seasons. The series tells the story of Bloom, an average Earth teenager who joins the Alfea school for fairies after she accidentally discovers she too is a fairy with magical powers, like she always dreamed of. At Alfea she and her new fairy friends Stella, Tecna, Musa and Flora found the Winx Club; together the girls will have to face dangerous enemies (most notably the Trix, three sisters who are students from the Cloudtower school for witches) but will also attend school events and experience love while discovering more facts about Bloom's mysterious and unknown past.

In the second season, a new fairy joins the Winx Club, Aisha (Layla in the 4Kids dub).

Why It Rocks

  1. It blends the high quality character design of animes and the fluid dynamicity of western animation in one show.
  2. The show has one main story arch for each season:
    • Season one focuses on Bloom learning about her fairy nature, the quest to regain her magical power and the battle against the Trix who stole said power.
    • Season two features the arrival of a new fairy, Aisha (Layla in the 4Kids dub), which is caused by a new threat to the magical universe re-awakening from his years-long sleep.
    • Season three shows the villain Valtor being freed by his imprisonment and his determination at becoming the most powerful wizard in the magical universe.
    • Season four presents the Winx Club's efforts at finding the last fairy of Earth and protecting her from the Wizards of the Black Circle, a group who imprisoned Earth's fairies and stole their magical energy to increase their own and who needs to absorb the last fairy's power to become invincible.
  3. The series also contains episodes unrelated or loosely connected to the main storyline which still provide details on the background story of one of the main characters, like "The Invisible Pixies" (thirteenth episode of the second season) telling about Aisha's lonely youth and fear of being left alone and "The Show Continues" (fifteenth episode of the second season) telling about Musa's struggles to become a singer despite her father's wishes and Musa's feelings towards the death of her deceased mother. There are also entertaining standalone episodes like the holiday themed "Hallowinx!" and "A Magix Christmas".
  4. New characters are introduced in each season and single episodes. Each villain is characterized by unique background story and traits.
  5. Several amazing action scenes. The highlights are probably the endings of each seasons which frequently features the long battles of the Winx Club and the specialists against the main villain of the season.
  6. Catchy theme and closing songs which are unique for each season starting with season three. The soundtrack for the episodes mostly consist of catchy teen pop tunes but is also influenced by other musical genres such as ballet music in "Battle for the Infinite Ocean" (twenty-fifth episode of season five), soul music with the song "Open up Your Heart" from season four, rock music in the song"Heart of Stone" from "The Wizards' Attack" (thirteenth episode of season four) and even circus music in "Baby Winx" (twentieth episode of season seven).
    • Songs are often strictly related to the events of the series, like Musa singing the aforementioned "Heart of Stone" which is a song that talks about her malfunctioning relationship with Riven and "Return to Me" from season five which is Musa's mother's favourite song and also talks about the death of a dear one.
  7. Great voice acting, especially in the 4kids and Nickelodeon dub. Kerry Williams as Flora and Vasthy Mompoint as Layla in the 4Kids dub are an example of this.
  8. Interesting set of villains, including the Trix, Valtor, and more.
  9. Decent animation in the first season which only got better over time also thanks to Nickelodeon getting involved with the show's production starting with season five.
  10. The shows deals with many mature and serious subjects like adoption (in the first season), death of a dear one (in season 3 and 4), marine pollution (in season five) and animal respect (in season seven).
  11. Pays homage to Sailor Moon with its thematics about a group of magical girls and their transformation sequences.
  12. Iginio Straffi's directing has a very peculiar and distinctive style. Characters' emotions are hinted by showing a shot of little actions they are performing while talking with other characters or making something else. Examples are a shot of Bloom's clenched fist while she is sleeping to show she is having an uneasy rest because of a premonition about a danger and Musa's teardrops falling on her mother's grave while she is telling her about the argument she had with her father. Characters who go through emotional turmoil are also depicted to be under a light while everything spins around them and the background fades to complete black.
  13. Each of the Winx has a cool set of powers. For example, Bloom has fire powers.
  14. Characters like the Pixies and Kiko (Bloom's pet rabbit) are very cute and are a great way to make the show specifically suitable for its target demographic of young girls.
  15. Several characters have emotional background stories.
    • Bloom's need to find out about her original world and biological parents.
    • Stella having to deal with the divorce of her parents and the fact she can't see them together anymore without seeing them arguing.
    • How Musa misses her mother who died of illness when she was a child and how this affected her father.
    • Aisha grew up surrounded by royal duties with only the company of another child who eventually had to move away, thus leaving her with a fear of being left alone.
    • Nabu grew up in a security complex on Andros with the company of its security team. The team actually thaught him several self-defence techniques but his childhood lack the company of kids of his age nonetheless.
    • Ho-Boe, Musa's father, has been so saddened by the death of his wife Matlin he repudiated music (his passion) for a long time.
    • Daphne was killed while protecting Bloom from the danger that caused the loss of her parents.
  16. Despite the show featuring the protagonists fighting against the darkness of the magical universe, it is still very generous in offering comic relief to viewer, thanks to many funny moments provided by Stella's quirky and exuberant behaviour, the clumsy and forgetful pixie Livy, the wacky pixie Zing and season seven's villain Brafilius.
  17. It has some very touching moments such as Tecna's sacrifice, Nabu's death, Musa's backstory.
  18. Cool transformation sequences which are very different from one another. The elegant Enchantix in season three, the casual Believix in season 4, the underwater Harmonix and Sirenix in season five and the fairy warrior looking Bloomix in season six are only a few examples.
    • Each Winx also has her own personal transformation sequence which is also very different from the others; for example Musa's transformations often feature musical signs like treble clefs and bass clefs in the background while Tecna's transformations often show electronic screens and devices.
    • The way a transformation is obtained is also very respectable or challenging like how Enchantix needs an act of sacrifice to be obtained or Sirenix requiring several gems to be collected by solving riddles in the magic oceans.
    • Transformation sequences are also shown in their entirety only once or twice during the first four seasons, thus avoiding being repetitive and stealing screen time from the episodes' plot. From season five to eighth the transformations are instead shorter but often feature different animationed sequences.
  19. Great CGI with high production values for the 3D parts of season five and six that makes the characters efficiently look like a 3D version of themselves.
  20. Greatly helped in popularising the concept of magical groups of female characters as protagonists in mainstream TV shows, setting a trend and later influencing other popular TV series through the years like My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.
  21. Highly relatable to students (especially college students) with episodes about having to deal with surprise tests, the perpetual need to have to learn new subjects and the school life in general.
  22. An average amount of pop culture references. The series referenced Resident Evil, Alien, Predator, Indiana Jones, Spider-Man and a few animes like Science Ninja Team Gatchaman for example.
  23. It spawned great spin-offs like Pop Pixie and World of Winx.
  24. It also spawned 3 movies that are just as great as the show.
  25. Very creative snd awesome spells.
  26. Great character development.

Bad Qualities

  1. Season 6 is quite mediocre while Season 7 and 8 are terrible.
  2. People consider the Butterflix Dance really cringeworthy.
  3. The looks for the Winx and Specialist in Season 8 looks really horrendous as the Winx look more like little kids while the Specialists look more like women.
  4. Bloom can be a bit of a huge Mary Sue at times.


  • Season 4 is the only season not to feature Trix as the villains.
  • The Trix are triplets as they are sisters and share the same birthday.
  • It was originally going to be called Magical Bloom.
  • Musa and Iginio Straffi share the same birthday.
  • Flora is considered to be Iginio Straffi's favorite of the Winx.
  • Bloom and Flora are the only Winx who have siblings.
  • Flora is the only Winx who didn't turn evil. As Bloom turned into Dark Bloom by Lord Darkar, Stella becoming an evil queen, Musa turned into a monster, Tecna becoming an unfriendly robot and Aisha deciding to fight against the Winx to get revenge on the Wizards of the Black Circle after Nabu's death.
  • Bloom's personality is based on Iginio Straffi's wife.