User blog:APieceOfTrash/Clarence Season reviewing (season 2, Part 2)


Season 2

  1. The Interrogation - Meh
  2. Lost Playground - Bad (Camden's dad, i'm gonna kick your a*s, you're the reason your son is always unlucky, AND NOW YOU'RE TAKING AWAY A PLAYGROUND ALL BECAUSE OF AN INJURY)
  3. Bird Boy Man - Excellent (Sumo caring for a bird, while sad at the end it was heartwarming)
  4. Freedom Cactus - Meh (The jokes were a little lame, but interesting for Clarence to make a comic)
  5. Plane Excited - Bad (Seriously, Chad just has a little phobia, he may be a butt monkey but he is a nice person, AND ALL WE GET IS MAKING HIS PHOBIA WORST)
  6. Escape From Beyond the Cosmic - Meh
  7. Ren Faire - Good
  8. Time Crimes - Good (pretty funny)
  9. Saturday School - Bad (OH MY GOD, JUST A MURAL, COULDN'T IT JUST BE A DETENTION AND JUST CLEAN THE MURAL, INSTEAD, MS. BAKER JUST GIVES THEM SATURDAY SCHOOL, Long story short, a torture porn for the main characters)
  10. Attack The Block Party - Good
  11. Field Trippin' - Bad (And the moral is!, steal person's identity and become popular)
  12. Ice Cream Hunt - Good
  13. Company Man - Good
  14. Stump Brothers - Good
  15. The Tails of Mardrynia - Good
  16. Clarence Wendle and the Eye of Coogan - Good
  17. Sneaky Peeky - Good
  18. Game Show - Good
  19. Skater Sumo - Good
  20. Mystery Girl - Good
  21. The Subsitiute - Good
  22. Classroom - Meh
  23. Dullance - Meh (just boring)
  24. Jeff's Secret - ATROCITY ("He doesn't have a single mean bone in his body" - TV Tropes, OH REALLY, THAT'S BEING NICE, SHARING SOMEONE'S SECRET, HOW TF)
  25. Space Race - Good
  26. Plant Daddies - Good
  27. Bucky and the Howl - Meh
  28. Worm Bin - Meh
  29. C&S's Rexcellent Adventure - Meh
  30. Birthday - Bad (Holy sh*t Clarence, this is your last chance, you better not screw it up, but back to where we are, now, SERIOUSLY, PRETENDING YOUR FRIENDS DON'T EXIST)
  31. Tree of Life - Excellent
  32. Capture The Flag - Good
  33. Cloris - Good
  34. Fishing Trip - Good
  35. Belson's Backpack - Meh
  36. Motel - Good
  37. Merry Moochmas - Bad
  38. Pizza Hero - Good


At first the season started bad, then finally, the episodes began to develop it's good fair share, so this season was in between.

Now prepare for the last part, Part 3, coming 7/6/18.