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User blog:Matthewpowel/Top 5 Favourite Cartoon Females

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Now that I've finally figured out how to make a proper blog post, I will make a list of my favourite cartoon females.

5. Twilight Sparkle (MLP) Twilight is a great character in my opinion. I find her incredibly likable. She's smart, but she doesn't take it as an excuse to be a snob. She's not really a Mary Sue, because she still has flaws and she takes a while to admit that she has those certain flaws but she does in the end, which is easily not only relatable but very realistic. I like how she always tries her best to solve problems even if she can't. And if she can't, she'll leave the problems to others who can. And let's face it, she kicks ass. Just watch the fight scene between her and Tirek.

4. Kim Possible (Kim Possible) Kim is an inspiring character. She is an assertive and confident teenager with an "I can do anything" attitude. She is bright, cheerful, caring, just plain awesome and most of all really relatable. She casually goes through realistic teenage situations, from crushes to being embarssaed off her parents. I feel as though the writers definitely know how to write a teenage girl, unlike modern Meg Griffin.

3. Star Butterfly (SVTFOE) Star is delightfully hyperactive. I love her energetic, adorably optimistic personality and her "strangers are just friends you haven't met" perspective on the world. I have a close internet friend who adores Star Butterfly, and he's a guy. That just proves how magical this character is. She's almost perfect, but not in a way that isn't completely annoying, such as Chloe from Fairly Odd Parents. She's almost perfect in a way that is cute. Imagine if Mabel Pines got 3 years older, went on a giant drug trip and suddenly had total control over space and time. You get Star Butterfly!

2. Garnet (Steven Universe) Black characters always seem to be characters that stand out in cartoons, from Huey Freeman to Total Drama's DJ. Of course, gems don't really have races, but Garnet is the spitting image of a perfect black character. She's hilarious, assertive, and has excellent one-liners. She is heavily represented as a motherly figure in the show, and if I didn't know the show at all, I would have assumed Garnet was Steven's mom. She is basically everything a mother should be. And her main song Stronger Than You represented her character very well. Garnet is a fusion, but she works beautifully well as one person.

Honorable Mentions Daria. Such a smart, witty character who has a unique perspective on the world. Personally I would have probably put her at Number 6.

Princess Sofia and Princess Amber. Two incredibly cute princesses who recieved massive character development. They work well as friends and they work well as people in general. Unfortunately, Sofia can be a Mary Sue and Amber can be a snob, so much that they just couldn't make this list.

Amethyst. Hilarious, cute and laid-back. Amethyst is the perfect sister and an awesome friend to Steven. Although the Crystal Gems are supposed to be the motherly figures to Steven, I personally consider Amethyst as a sister rather than a mother. (cough cough Lilo's mother cough)

Gwen. One of my favorite Total Drama characters. One of the most lovable goths in animated history...but a little too mean-spirited to make the list.

Ash Ketchum's Snivy. Adorable and cool. I'm glad Ash caught Snivy. Snivy serves Ash well and she was just one of the many abandoned Pokemon Ash decided to keep on his team. I just wish Snivy evolved.

Serena. I never understood why she was hated. Sure her team sucks, but I just can't find any personality flaws. I am a huge Amourshipper (Ash and Serena shipper) and I really think she works well as a person. She's so inspiring.

Marge Simpson.'re a damn good woman.

1. Korra (Legend of Korra) Where do I even begin? I love the show itself, from the animation to the dark themes. But Korra is the one character that puts it all together. When she started out, she was a moddy, selfish brat who was too hotheaded for her own good. But look at her now. She's mature, determined, caring and very aware of what she has do with her duties as an Avatar. Korra might inspire me more than ANY character on this list. She's a good fighter, a great friend and one of the only bisexual heroes in the history of television. Korra truly stands out from any cartoon character and she is easily my favorite cartoon female of ALL TIME.