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Weatherscan (pre-November 2015)






Ahh, the 1999 - 2015 version is more like it. More NOSTALGIC THAN THE OTHER ONE TODAY.
Genre: News & Weather
Running Time: Infinite
Country: United States
Release Date: March 31, 1999-November 10, 2015 (with Amy Bergeron)

November 10, 2015-present (Jim Cantore)

Weatherscan is an American digital cable and satellite television network now owned by Byron Allen's Entertainment Studios. A spinoff of The Weather Channel, Weatherscan features uninterrupted local weather information in graphical format on a continuous loop that is generated by an IntelliStar unit installed at the cable provider's headend. From 1999-2003 to 2015, this version of Weatherscan made this channel the nostalgic and more rememberable channel, then the November 2015 one.

Why It Used To Rock

  1. The memorable voice of Amy Bergeron, although in the 1999-2003 version there was a different male voice over.
  2. The icons used in the Intellistar are pretty good and decent.
    • The March 31, 1999-December 12, 2006 icons are in cartoon-like way.
    • The December 12, 2006-March 11, 2010 icons are in a more realistic and 3D like way.
    • The March 11, 2010-present icons are in a more 3D/CGI like and less realistic.
  3. Memorable segments (such as Traffic Report, Boat & Beach, Ski & Snow, Garden, Travel Forecast).
  4. Memorable songs from Trammel Starks and unknown Production Songs (such as Beach Frolic, Midnight Cruise, The End of the Journey, and etc).
  5. It is a very useful channel to use at home for 24-hours a day & 7 days a week, if you don't want to listen to boring or serious news. Talk about how nostalgia rules!
  6. Memorable cities (such as Philly, Tampa, Newark, Pittsburgh, New York, & Atlanta), from YouTubers (like Intelliguy, cc17296, Weatherman99, and tylert120). In fact, on August 8, 2006 a YouTuber named Intelliguy uploaded his first Weatherscan video that he taped from October 13, 2003 in Bensalem (a township in Pennsylvania).
  7. This version of Weatherscan from 1999-2015 is a very nostalgic and memorable version for those who love weather.
  8. A great addition to the National Weather Service alerts, including the memorable beep that is played 7 times from 2003-2008, and 4 times as of 2009-2015.

Bad Qualities

  1. Many cable providers of Weatherscan have dropped as of 2015-present.
    • Verizon FiOS discontinues carriage of both Weatherscan in March of 2015.
    • Dish Network discontinues carriage in June 2015.
    • Cox Communications discontinues carriage of Weatherscan in May 2016.
    • Weatherscan carriage is discontinued on Comcast (now Xfinity as of 2011) in 2017.
  2. The dropped support of the National Weather Service gets replaced with the Jim Cantore lines in the Severe Thunderstorm, Tornado, and Flash Flood Warnings making it very annoying to fans and lovers who love Weatherscan.
  3. The unnecessary removal of the memorable voice and segments of Amy Bargeron gets replaced with Jim Cantore's line with (ex: warning/advisory is in affect).
  4. Discontinued Weatherscan Tracks (made by Trammell Starks, and others) that were used from 1999 to Late 2007 have been dropped and replaced with other new songs, but sometimes annoying when listening to for a longer period or year of time.
  5. The TWC Logo removal on the top corner of the clock.
  6. The songs used as of Late 2007 are still a little bit annoying still, but still memorable.




one month ago
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I never liked the beep and the woman that used to say "your local doppler radar"

That's just my hot take


one month ago
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Don't you mean the 2003-2008 version of the beep? logo with has 7 beeps. It's okay though but still better off using the 2009-2015 version of the beep logo instead though it has 4 beeps to it. But I understand your comment to the old version though. But this is for people who use to have the memory of Weatherscan though from 1999-2015.

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