31 Minutos

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31 Minutos
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Y bienvenidos a 31 Minutos, el noticiero más veraz de la televisión. (And welcome back to 31 Minutes, the most truthful news program on television.)
Genre: Puppetry
Running Time: 28-34 minutes
40 minutes (Ep. 21 and Christmas Special)
Country: Chile
Release Date: March 15, 2003– October 2, 2005 (seasons 1-3)
October 4, 2014– December 27, 2014 (season 4)
Network(s): TVN
TV Chile
Cartoon Network (Latin America)
TV Educa Chile
Created by: Aplaplac
Seasons: 4
Episodes: 68

31 Minutos (31 Minutes) is a Chilean TV program created by Aplaplac, that premiered on March 15, 2003 on TVN.

The show spawned four seasons, two specials (the 2003 Telethon and Christmas specials), a film called 31 Minutos: La Pelicula (31 Minutes: The Movie) and live shows.


The series follows the adventures of the workers of a news program called 31 Minutos, hosted by Tulio Triviño (a gray chimpanzee), some of the other workers in the program include Juan Carlos Bodoque (a red rabbit), Juanin Juan Harry (a white creature), Policarpo Avendaño (a nutcracker doll), Patana (a green bird) and Mario Hugo (a white chihuahua).

Why It Rocks

  1. Memorable and catchy theme song. (even has the Lyrical Version of the Song as "Yo Nunca vi Televisión")
  2. Many amazing and wonderful episodes, such as "El Comienzo", "El Maguito", "La Co-Animadora", "Vacaciones", "31 Minutos Educativio", "El maguito explosivo", "La Trilogia de La Amenaza Siluria", "Por el Sr. Manguera", "El Video", "La invasión de los Tramoyas", "La Mona Lisa", "Bodoque Envenenado", "El mayordomo", and the list goes on.
  3. Beautiful image quality, especially in the 4th season.
  4. Likable and memorable characters, such as Tulio, Juanin, Bodoque, Patana, Mario Hugo, Policarpo, Guaripolo, Huachimingo, Mico el Microfono, Señor Manguera, Jackson Aceituno, Rosario Central, etc.
  5. The Ranking Top section shows a variety of songs that are good, catchy and memorable such as "Tangananica, Tanganana", "Mi muñeca me hablo", "Señora Devuelva la Pelota o si no no sé que haré?", "Mi equilibrio espiritual", "Severlá", "El Dinosaurio Anacleto", "Nunca me he sacado un 7", "Rie", "Dracula, Caligula, Tarantula", "Mundo Interior", etc.
  6. Continuing with the Ranking Top, there is a variety in music, such as fast paced songs such as "Papa, te quiero" (depending your view) and "Dracula, Caligula, Tarantula", to relaxing, such as "Mi muñeca me hablo" and "Me cortaron mal el pelo".
  7. Lots of funny scenes, such as "Fue un Espectáculo Impresionante", "Quedate quieto en un Momento", "¿¡Que se mete, vieja con...!?", "¿Que...? ¿...Como que no...? ...Me Colgo", which spawned several memes. (even The Pilot Episode's Behind the Scenes, as "ta exquisito fijate")
  8. Although it is supposed to be a comedy show, it also contains some educational value, this is reflected in the section called "La Nota Verde", which is a section dedicated to showing things such as taking care of nature.
  9. The "Calcetin con Rombos Man" segments, aside from being a parody to the superhero genre shows, is dedicated to teach the children's rights.
  10. Apart from the "Ranking Top", "La Nota Verde" and "Calcetin con Rombos Man", there are multiple sections that are entertaining to watch such as "La dimension Hermosa y Desconocida", "Cosas que buscan cosas" and "El refrigerador de Patana".
  11. Memorable running gags.

Bad Qualities

  1. Cossimo Gianni, Tío Horacio, and Dylan Manguera can be too unlikable characters.
    • While a good character, Tulio can be a jerk towards the other characters, albeit this only happens at times.
  2. Sadly, the 3rd season took a few steps back, making this season not good. Also, it's spinoff series, Las Vacaciones de Tulio, Patana y El Pequeño TimTTSW was terrible.
  3. Some episodes use the word "tarado" (idiot or moron) or "imbécil" (fool) which can be considered pretty much as a bad word in other countries.
  4. There's some bad songs such as "Papa, te quiero" (depending your view) and "Guacala".
  5. The eighth episode of the 2nd season "Cebollas" has actual blood on-screen, which isn't good for a kids' show. (which this show was broadcast in the prime time at 22:00)
  6. The lack of any dub in other languages (outside of Holland and European Spanish, both of which are lost media (excluding the Brazilian Dub)) has made a few international fans dissapointed.