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A Lot Going On Upstairs (Family Guy)

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A Lot Going On Upstairs (Family Guy)
Briyan and stoopi.jpg
Yet another interesting Brian and Stewie episode that happens even after the shows downfall.
Series: Family Guy
Part of Season: 14
Episode Number: 15
Air Date: March 6, 2016
Writer: Steve Callaghan
Director: Joe Vaux
Previous episode: "Underage Peter"
Next episode: "The Heartbreak Dog"

A Lot Going On Upstairs is the 15th episode of the 14th season of Family Guy, and the 264th episode overall.


Stewie builds a device to enable Brian to help him conquer his terrifying nightmares; Peter turns the attic into a man cave.

Why It Rocks

  1. It is another very interesting episode that centers around Brian and Stewie, for the A plot.
  2. Most of the characters are likeable and the flanderized ones (excluding Lois) don't show their flanderized selves.
  3. Stewie's dream sequences are very well animated. Not to mention that the scene where Stewie ruins the intro is very hilarious.
  4. This scene.
  5. The subplot is also interesting as watching Peter and his friends hang out in the attic is funny.
  6. The cutaway about couchella is funny depending on your view.
  7. When the monster is killed and revealed to be Brian, we learn that Stewie was afraid of disappointing Brian. Brian eventually tells Stewie that he doesn't have to worry about letting him down though which is very heartwarming to watch.
  8. It is also a good episode that happens after the show's downfall.

Bad Qualities

  1. Stewie's first nightmare of him being put on the bench after forgetting his lines during the intro song, is a little harsh and mean-spirited.
  2. Lois is unlikeable for locking Peter and his friends in the attic. In fact, she almost killed them doing this.
  3. Some scenes can be a bit disturbing. For example, the scene where the monster dies and the petting zoo.
  4. Plot Holes: How was Quagmire lining up dressed as Lois? Wasn't he messing around with Peter, Joe and Cleveland in the attic at the time? And wasn't Lois doing laundry inside the house while people were lining up outside.


The episode received generally positive reviews from audiences and fans of Family Guy. It currently holds an 8 on IMDb.