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A Thanksgiving Carol (My Gym Partner's a Monkey)

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A Thanksgiving Carol (My Gym Partner's a Monkey)
A Thanksgiving Carol Title Card.png
A good ending to a terrible show, especially being a Thanksgiving episode, and airing on Thanksgiving day.
Series: My Gym Partner's a Monkey
Part of Season: 4
Episode Number: 15
Air Date: November 27, 2008
Writer: Mitch Larson
Previous episode: A Whole Zoo World

A Thanksgiving Carol is the 15th and final episode of Season 4 of My Gym Partner's a Monkey and the 56th episode overall and it is the series finale. It aired on Thanksgiving day, November 27, 2008.


Adam wonders why none of his animal friends share his hype about Thanksgiving. That night, he is visited by three (technically four) ghosts, who teach him why the holiday has such a scary reputation.

Why This Thanksgiving Special Is Wonderful

  1. The Characters are more likable than usual, especially Jake.
  2. The writers of this show are more consistent than they may seem.
  3. Instead of casting Slips, Windsor, Lupe, and Ingrid off to the side, like they usually do, they put all 6 main characters together and made them go through the plot, rather than just focusing solely on Adam and Jake.
  4. The animation is a huge improvement over the show's earlier episodes.
  5. This was a pretty great holiday episode, especially since it aired on Thanksgiving day, as Adam likes Thanksgiving, which we all do, while the animals seem to hate it, and this leads to a good and funny parody of A Christmas Carol.
  6. In the parody of A Christmas Carol, Adam’s animal friends, consisting of Principle Pixiefrog, Ingrid (Thanksgiving Past), Windsor and Slips (Thanksgiving Present), and Jake (Thanksgiving Yet to Come), all visit him as ghosts to try to convince him why animals don’t like Thanksgiving, but it leads to happy moments throughout, which delights the ghosts, even Jake, which is emotional and heartwarming.
  7. The flashback of Adam and Kerry (his human friend and crush) as babies was pretty adorable, and it was also funny and cute that they actually kissed when they were babies (most young Cartoon Network protagonists would never face kiss on the lips until they were at least in their teens, for example, Ben and Julie in The Ultimate Enemy: Part 2, as they were both 16 at that time, or in the final episode Steven Universe Future, but before he leaves Beach City, Steven kiss Connie fir the first time since Bubble Buddies, Connie's first appearancd).
  8. Some funny moments in the episode, like when The Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come (Jake) tired to scare a baby, yet the baby found it to be funny and not scary, and when Adam’s alarm clock was a funny clown laugh.
  9. When Adam found no turkeys in the freezer isle at the store when visiting Thanksgiving Yet to Come, he woke up and realized that he still likes Thanksgiving, but understands why the animals seem to not like it.
  10. Adam is still in the Thanksgiving mode on Thanksgiving day, as he was even nice to Bull the bully, and talks with his animal friends about why they don’t like Thanksgiving, and presents them with a Tofurkey (tofu turkey), and them being grossed out by it was funny.
  11. So, Adam asked them why they don’t like Thanksgiving, they said it was because of parades, which was funny and understandable, since parades are usually noisy, which can be distracting for the animals.
  12. Adam then understands their real reason, and so discards the Tofurkey and invites his friends to eat a yummy Thanksgiving dinner, to which they happily agree too, and they all cheer, making the ending good and very heartwarming, as they like Thanksgiving after all.
  13. Also in the ending, Principle Pixiefrog, hanging from a tree wrapped in the chains, explains that the animals and himself will still like Thanksgiving, even with the parades, and a funny line saying "Ma, pass the gravy!", and then smiles at the audience.
  14. This finale was great and therefore ends this terrible cartoon on a high note.

The Only Bad Quality

  1. Baby Adam throwing up after kissing baby Kerry is the only gross out moment in the episode.