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Adventure Mouse (12 oz. Mouse)

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Adventure Mouse (12 oz. Mouse)
Adventure Mouse.png
Series: 12 oz. Mouse
Part of Season: 1
Episode Number: 7
Air Date: January 1, 2006
Writer: Matt Maiellaro
Director: Matt Maiellaro
Previous episode: Spharktasm
Next episode: Bowtime

Adventure Mouse is the 7th episode of 12 oz. Mouse.


Fitz takes down The New Guy with a rocket-powered skateboard and helps Skillet and the rest escape the shack.

Why It Rocks

  1. It’s an unintentionally good episode of an intentionally bad show, which is not only great, but also hilarious.
  2. The characters are unintentionally more likable than usual, especially Mouse.
  3. This episode is unintentionally well-written unlike most of the episodes.
  4. The jokes and humor in this episode are actually unintentionally funny, like the parts where Mouse and his friends escape the house, and the part where the Shark does the ending circle effect at the end of a scene.
  5. The animation is still unintentionally good as usual.
  6. The voice acting and dialogue are unintentionally better than usual.
  7. This episode is intentionally very stupid and very weird, but in an unintentionally good way.
  8. Some unintentionally cool action moments, like when Mouse rides the rocket skateboard and when Mouse accidentally falls into the secret passage way while drunk.
  9. The ending is an unintentionally good cliffhanger for the next episode in season 2.
  10. This episode unintentionally ends season 1 on a high note.

Bad Qualities

Note: Do not take these bad qualities seriously, as this show is normally intentionally bad.

  1. Depending on your view, you may see this as a bad episode, as intentionally planned.
  2. The animation is still incredibly primitive, lazy, and a little ugly as usual.
  3. That lady that normally appears never shuts up in some parts as usual.