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Adventurers: Masters of Time

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Adventurers: Masters of Time
Adventurers Masters of Time promo pic.png
Time and cyberspace!
Genre: Animation
Historical Fiction
Family Entertainment
Science Fiction
Running Time: 26 minutes
Country: Germany
United Kingdom
Release Date: 1 January 2005 - 11 August 2006 (Germany)
Distributed by: BAF Berlin Animation Film (worldwide) (all media) (2003)
Your Family Entertainment (worldwide) (all media) (2009)
Seasons: 1
Episodes: 26

Adventurers: Masters of Time (Adventurers-Mission Zeitreise in German) is a 2005 German-British, animated, television series. It was developed by Andre Sikojev, with co-production by Animasia UK; Animationsstudio Ludewig, Hamburg; BAF Berlin Animation Film, and BFC Berliner Film Companie.


When a computer professor goes missing, four students named Paul, Nevin, Fire, and Kikko go searching for him. Eventually, they discover that the professor got transferred into a computer program that can be used for time-traveling. Each episode finds the foursome get transferred to another time in history through a large computer monitor. A villain known as the Hacker is constantly trying to change the course of historical events, so it's up to the kids to prevent that from happening. In most episodes, they also meet various historical figures such as Alexander Graham Bell and Florence Nightingale. Their other goal is to find a way to set the professor free.

Why It Rocks

  1. The premise puts a different, new spin on the typical time-traveling cartoon. Rather than using a time machine to enter the past, a computer program is used as a means of transference to it. And instead of the past just being some setting in a computer game, past events are actually the real thing.
  2. Inventive writing in the episodes' storylines of how the historical figures are featured in the plots with this show's take on how it handles them.
  3. The art style may be reminiscent of something in a comic book or graphic novel and the animation moves finely.
  4. Many of the characters have strength in their greatness, likability, memorability, and distinction, especially the heroes.
  5. The character designs are some of the nicest ever drawn and created.
  6. An exhilarating, instrumental, hard-rocking, opening sequence.
  7. The voice acting in the English dub sounds well-voiced and comes across as genuine.
  8. Significant lessons not to be taken lightly, like one episode in which Paul learns from first-hand experience just how important Florence Nightingale was to the medical field and paved the way for women's rights to be in it.
  9. Some funny moments, especially with those involving Paul.
  10. Good use and amounts of dialogue.