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Age of Hinobi (Glitch Techs)

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Age of Hinobi (Glitch Techs)
Age of Hinobi.jpeg
A good show with a good start.
Series: Glitch Techs
Part of Season: 1
Episode Number: 1
Air Date: February 21, 2020
Writer: Dan Milano
Previous episode: N/A
Next episode: Tutorial Mode

Age of Hinobi is the first episode of Glitch Techs.


A tournament for the city's best gamers brings together High Five and Miko, two competitors who figure out something suspect is going on.

Why It Rocks

  1. It's the first 1 hour long episode of the series
  2. This episode presents us Miko, Five and Mitch in an interesting way. In just one episode we already know about their lives and personalities
  3. It tells us about Hinobi and the Glitch Techs
  4. The great animation of the show makes the action scenes pretty cool
  5. Lots of awesome videogames which parody other videogames such as The Zoids (parody of Tetris), Chomp Kitty (parody of Pac-Man), Magik Metal (parody of Guitar Hero), Hinobi Smash and the Street Fighter resembling game seen on a flashback
  6. No filler. Acceptable for an 1 hour long instead of half-hour episode
  7. Some funny moments like when Mitch kicks a kid making him lose the game
  8. Awesome either acoustic and electronic music
  9. Chomp Kitty is the most developed Glitch on this episode. We know about it's an eater cat who don't just becomes bigger when it eats. It also obtains the power to summon more glitches from the near video games

Bad Qualities

  1. The intro isn't shown on this episode and is replaced by just the logo on-screen
  2. Mitch hasn't accepted his defeat and instead he deletes Five's memory to undo his first defeat.
  3. The scene where Miko is grounded for something she hasn't done is cliche.