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Aggretsuko (Aggressive Retsuko) is a 2018 anime series created by Sanrio for Netflix.  

Sanrio's version of Stressed EricTTSW.


The show is about the daily life of Retsuko, a 25 year old red panda who tries to make it to work life while singing death metal in her spare time.

Why it Rocks

  1. The show tackles important themes in life such as misogyny, hostile work enviorments, anger management, the stress of adult life, among others, in a mature and realistic way that doesn't depict those topics in toxic ways and gives positive messages about the importance of getting help from others in order to deal with issues in life.
  2. The show's cute art style and use of chibi animals as its characters smartly contrasts with it's more serious and mature themes, as well as the use of aggressive Death Metal.
  3. Retsuko is a likable and relatable protagonist as an overly stressed woman stuck in a boring job struggling to find a way out of it and vents out her anger by loudly singing Death Metal in private.
  4. Funny and quirky characters, who initially are presented as one dimensional stereotypes but as the series goes on they quickly become deeper more complex characters with strong character arcs and plenty of development.
  5. Really nice character designs that suit the characters giving to them.
  6. Catchy death metal songs.
  7. Swift and smooth flash animation that is full of life and makes good use of the trope of exaggerated facial reactions seen in many other Japanese shows, as it is well suited to the show's art style.
  8. The english dub is surprisingly good and accurate.
    • Erica Mendez (the voice of Arle in Puyo Puyo Tetris and Ryuko in Kill La Kill) voices Retsuko. When singing death metal, her voice is done by Jamison Boaz, an actual death metal musician.
  9. The Space Cadet song is very touching.

The Only Bad Quality

  1. The death metal songs are hard to understand in the japanese version.


  1. In Japanese, the word "Retsu" translates to "anger".