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Alien X-Tinction (Ben 10, 2016)

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Alien X-Tinction
Alien X-Tinction.png
A great way to end the reboot!
Series: Ben 10 (2016)
Part of Season: 5
Episode Number: 178
Air Date: April 11, 2021
Writer: A.J. Marchisello
Director: Henrique Jardim
Previous episode: Ben Gen 10

Alien X-tinction is the third episode of Season 5 of the Ben 10 reboot, and is the final episode overall.


After the Tennysons are attacked by a villainous, dimension-hopping being known as Alien X, they meet an alternate universe version of Grandpa Max, who opens the door to multiple Omnitrix wielders forming an army to combat this threat.

Why It Will Never Be X-tinct

  1. For starters, it is a great way to end the reboot, as it brings back many of the aliens from the original four shows:
    • Gwen 10 brings back Ripjaws, and even finds a way around the alien's biggest weakness (being unable to fight on land).
    • Alien Force Ben brings back Chromastone and Big Chill.
    • Ultimate Alien Ben brings back AmpFibian.
    • Omniverse Ben brings back Bloxx.
    • While Classic Series Ben does not bring back any new aliens, he does use Heatblast, who has his Classic Series design.
    • Alien X is brought back by Benjamin Tennyson, who is the reboot's version of Eon from Ben 10: Race Against Time.
  2. An interesting and great concept involving an evil version of Ben going on a rampage across the multiverse, killing his alternate counterparts and stealing their Omnitrixes.
  3. The animation is a huge step-up from the first four seasons.
  4. Great action that is very well-paced and has great timing.
  5. The transformation sequences for the aliens are incredible.
    • What's better is that the aliens from the original four shows use the music from each of the characters' own series!
  6. The characters are less comedic than they were in the first four seasons and now come off as a lot more serious.
    1. Ben went from an annoying, spoiled brat into a heroic, brave and caring hero.
    2. Gwen went from a goody two-shoes into a sweet, tender and kind-hearted girl who deeply cares for her cousin.
  7. We finally learn that Grandpa Max's reboot counterpart was a Plumber.
  8. The episode isn't afraid to handle dark themes like the original four shows, as seen with Benjamin Tennyson's tragic backstory where his universe's Grandpa Max and Gwen were murdered by Vilgax.

Bad Qualities

  1. The designs for the original Bens look kind of weird, with them having pretty odd expressions.
  2. Ultimate Alien Ben sadly did not bring back the Ultimate forms.
  3. Alien X's abilities are downplayed compared to his classic continuity counterpart, though it's understandable since that version would be too overpowered.
  4. Some animation errors here and there like in some scenes, Ben has the Omnitrix even though It is removed by Benjamin Tennyson as Alien X.


Alien X-tinction has received a mainly positive reception after its release, with many praising the darker tone, great action and a reintroduction to the old continuity. It is currently the highest-rated episode of the reboot on IMDb, holding an 8.5/10 rating, with many being satisfied with the ending.