All Growed Up (Rugrats, 1991)

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All Growed Up (Rugrats, 1991)
All Growed Up Title Card.jpg
This perfect episode helped start this amazing Nicktoon spin-off.
Part of Season: 8
Episode Number: 1-2
Air Date: July 21, 2001
Writer: Kate Boutilier
Eryk Casemiro
Director: Louie del Carmen
Jim Duffy
Previous episode: Pre-School Daze
Next episode: Curse of the Werewuff

"All Growed Up" is an hour-long episode of Rugrats from Season 8. The television movie is considered the pilot episode of All Grown Up!, a spin-off of Rugrats. It premiered on Nickelodeon on July 21, 2001.


After watching a time travel movie, the Rugrats travel ten years into the future (nicknamed "the foocher" by the babies).

Why It Rocks

  1. The idea of the Rugrats traveling to "the foocher" to become preteens was pretty interesting, considering the fact that this is from Seasons 7-9 of the show.
  2. The animation and the voice acting are still passable.
  3. The plot is enjoyable, and is one of the good episodes after the show’s downfall.
  4. The characters are still lovable. Angelica, Dil, and Kimi are also likable, and show an early sense of their redemption, as when they appear as older kids, they are more funny, sweeter, and likable, compared to their younger selves.
  5. Some heartwarming moments like Tommy and Angelica were singing with Emica at the concert, as well as the very nice ending where the babies are pretending "the foocher".
  6. In this case, the special became so popular that it spawned this sequel series.
  7. It made a spin-off called All Grown Up!.
  8. It was the most watched episode of the Rugrats, with 11,900,000 viewers, and the most telecast program in Nickelodeon history.
  9. This episode was an awesome way to start Season 8, and was the perfect way to celebrate the show's 10th anniversary.

Bad Qualities

  1. It may not hold well for several fans who preferred the original series first 6 seasons.
  2. Tommy is revealed to be eleven in this special, while in the spin-off series proper, he’s ten, making this a continuity error.


  • This is the only time Christine Cavanaugh voiced preteen Chuckie, because of her retirement in 2001.
  • This episode aired 2 years before All Grown Up! premiered in 2003 with Nancy Cartwright as Chuckie.


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