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American Dad! (seasons 1-10, 14-present)

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American Dad!
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Good morning USA!
Genre: Animated sitcom
Running Time: 22–24 minutes
Country: United States
Release Date: February 6, 2005 – present
Network(s): Fox (US, Seasons 1-10)
TBS (US, Season 10–present)
Seven Network (Australia, Seasons 1-5)
7mate (Australia, 2010-present)
7flix (Australia, syndication)
Created by: Seth MacFarlane
Mike Barker
Matt Weitzman
Distributed by: 20th Television (2005-2020)
Disney-ABC Domestic Television (2020-present)
Starring: Seth MacFarlane
Wendy Schaal
Scott Grimes
Rachael MacFarlane
Dee Bradley Baker
Seasons: 17
Episodes: 330

American Dad! is an American adult animated sitcom created by Seth MacFarlane, Mike Barker, and Matt Weitzman for the Fox Broadcasting Company and later TBS. American Dad! is the first television series to have its inception on Animation Domination. The series premiered on February 6, 2005, following Super Bowl XXXIX, three months before the rest of the first season aired as part of the Animation Domination block, commencing on May 1, 2005.


The series focuses on the eccentric upper middle class Smith family in the fictional community of Langley Falls, Virginia and their three housemates: Father, husband, CIA agent, Republican, and breadwinner Stan; his wife and homemaker/housewife, Francine; their liberal, hippie, college-aged daughter, Hayley; and their dorky high-school-aged son, Steve. There are three additional main characters, including Hayley's boyfriend and later husband, Jeff Fischer; the family's unusual goldfish, Klaus, who has the brain of an East German athlete; and Roger, the alien, who is a deceitful, self-serving master of disguise. Stan's boss Avery Bullock, the Deputy Director of the Central Intelligence Agency, is a recurring character.

Why These Seasons are A Wonderful Day

  1. Great animation, despite being exactly like Seth MacFarlane's other show, Family Guy.
  2. Great voice acting, especially from Seth MacFarlane and Scott Grimes.
  3. Very catchy and memorable theme song that proved how faithful it is to the United States.
  4. Some episodes have very epic action scenes.
  5. Clever writing and humor. It helps that, unlike Family Guy, the jokes have actual relevance to the plot.
  6. Roger the Alien (before his flanderization) is a great comic relief character and his disguises are some of the best things about the show, especially his "pure evil" alter-ego Ricky Spanish.
  7. Good character designs. Stan and Roger's character designs are very recognizable and funny.
  8. Was the first Seth MacFarlane shows to not make any cutaway gags just for a change. This helps the show to be unique from Family Guy.
  9. Great episodes like
    • "Rapture's Delight"
    • "Stan Of Arabia"
    • "The Talented Mr. Dingleberry"
    • "CIAPOW"
    • "Manhattan Magical Murder Mystery Tour"
    • "Tearjerker"
    • "Great Space Roaster"
    • "Rabbit Ears"
    • "For Black Eyes Only"
    • "American Dream Factory"
    • "Dope And Faith"
    • "Spring Break Up"
    • "Haylias"
    • "One Fish, Two Fish"
    • "American Dad After School Special"
  10. Many likable/awesome characters in these seasons such as:
    • Stan (Seasons 1-9)
    • Roger (Seasons 1-7)
    • Francine
    • Hayley
    • Steve
    • Jeff
    • Principal Lewis
    • Klaus
    • Avery Bullock
    • Jackson
    • Greg
    • Terry
  11. There were some characters from Family Guy appearing in some episodes of this show.
  12. Unlike Family Guy, it stays consistent for the most part.
  13. There is always a moral at the end of every episode (most of the time).
  14. While the animation took a bit of a hit later in the series, it isn't too much since Toon Boom Harmony makes the animation look better.
  15. The show redeemed itself in Season 14 after its downfall from Seasons 10-13, thanks to the characters being rerailment after flanderization, more creative plotlines, and the introduction of fan-favourite Rogu.
    • While they haven’t fully recovered, Stan and Roger have both become more tolerable compared to seasons 10-13.
  16. Great & Catchy Song Numbers such as:
    • He's Got a Kink
    • Daddy's Gone
    • Bad Bad Boy
    • Ollie North
    • Is She Not, Hot Enough?
    • The theme song

Bad Qualities

  1. The very early episodes are very dated and weird to those used to the later episodes.
  2. Some terrible episodes before and after seasons 10-13 like:
  3. Minor overuse of sex and incest jokes, especially in the episodes "Pulling Double Booty" and "Kloger".
  4. As with Family Guy, the animation quality took a bit of a hit later in the series, but not much since Toon Boom Harmony here makes the animation look better.
  5. Several characters got flanderized in later seasons to the point where they became unlikable, one-dimensional husks of their past selves.
    • Stan is one of the worst examples as after Season 9, he was hit with a awful flanderization as he became a negligent, terrible and horrible father and husband.
    • Roger doesn't get it much better. Not only does he start to get way more focus than any of the other characters (making him the show's Creator Pet.), but by season 8, he's become a downright sadistic murderous iredeemable sociopath who acts just as bad (if not worse!!!!) than Peter Griffin. By then, all of his redeeming qualities have been forcefully taken away from him.
  6. Like many other long-running shows, the quality of the show has notably dropped in later seasons:
    • Seasons 8 & 9, while still good, are the weakest of the good seasons, as Roger became horribly flanderized, the episodes are a bit of a mixed bag, and the flanderization of the other characters, most notably Stan, started to kick in.
    • The show went downhill in Season 10 with attempts at being edgy, severe flanderization of Stan Smith, more mediocre-to-bad episodes than good (especially when the show moved to TBS), overuse of gross-out humor, this would go that way until Season 13.
    • Many episodes have become very mean spirited, especially in later seasons.
    • While season 14-onwards is still good, these latest seasons still have some more bad or mediocre episodes than the older ones, not to mention Stan and Roger haven’t fully recovered from flanderization. But, it's not as bad as it's dark age or modern Family Guy or The Simpsons' dark age.
  7. Some episodes are repetitive in jokes and plot structure and other one example being the over used Stan vs Roger plots. Some episodes are even completely recycled from old ones
  8. It sometimes goes way too far in its political messages and its tendency to offend certain groups as the Stan of Arabia duology was viciously offensive towards Saudi Arabia and the Islamic religion.
  9. It contains a lot of animal abuse such as chicken slaughter and cockfighting in “Pulling Double Booty” and Stan mutilating a puppy in a misguided attempt to save its life and then blowing the puppy up in “Stan’s Best Friend”, and Francine frying a rabbit alive and drowning a rare bird in cooking water. The abuse Klaus receives also counts as animal abuse since he is a goldfish.

Episodes with their own pages


American Dad! has received positive reception from critics. It currently sits at 7.3/10 on IMDb. And an 8.4/10 on It is considered to be one of the greatest adult cartoons of all time.


  • Unlike the other Fox shows, American Dad! was the only Fox cartoon that wasn't shown a rerun on FXX, due to that this series is still airing new episodes and rerun on TBS and Adult Swim (both owned by AT&T's Warner Bros. Discovery).