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An Ed is Born (Ed, Edd n Eddy)

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An Ed is Born (Ed, Edd n Eddy)
An Ed Is Born (Title Card).jpg
"Man the helms! Dive! Dive!"
Series: Ed, Edd n Eddy
Part of Season: 4
Episode Number: 81
Air Date: November 1, 2002
Writer: Danny Antonucci
Geoff Berner
Director: Danny Antonucci
Previous episode: Is There an Ed in the House?
Next episode: One Size Fits Ed

An Ed is Born is an Ed, Edd n Eddy episode from the fourth season. In this episode, Eddy, with the help of his friends, decides to make a home movie for his older brother to prove how grown up he is after being sent a package filled with baby stuff.

Why It Rocks

  1. The plot, which revolves around the Eds creating a home movie to prove that Eddy is grown up, is very interesting, especially since it involves an oft-mentioned unseen character.
  2. This episode contains some of the show's best humor and jokes, especially the scene where Ed eats the camera: "Man the helms! Dive! Dive!"
  3. The animation, as always, is fluid and energetic. In addition, most of the episode is from the point of view of the Eds' camera, and it works rather well since Edd's camerawork gives the feel of an authentic amateur production without restricting the animation.
  4. Eddy's various failed attempts at making himself look like a success (such as claiming to own a couple planets and hosting a party in his room with cardboard cutouts of the kids attached to Rolf's chickens) are rather humorous to watch.
  5. Quite a few of the quotes are memorable and funny like the aforementioned "Man the helms!" line and Eddy's impression of Kevin: "Sweet, Eddy! You're cool, man."
  6. The various appearances of the kids throughout the episode also provide some great doses of the show's signature slapstick humor, such as Eddy tackling and burying Jonny when the latter tries to run off with the camera and Rolf attacking the Eds when he discovers that they're using his chickens again for their party.
  7. Speaking of which, the reoccurring joke involving the Eds getting on Rolf's bad side for stealing his chickens always provides a good laugh whenever it comes up.
  8. Eddy's line "No more beating up little Eddy, huh, big bro?" near the end provides some clever foreshadowing of his brother's true personality, which would ultimately be revealed in the movie.
  9. The lack of the show's usual jazz-based BGM throughout a majority of the episode is a nice touch as it gives the feeling that the only sound from the point where the Eds start filming to the end of the episode is of that recorded by the camera, thus making the amateur production vibe feel even more authentic.

The Only Bad Quality

  1. Although the scene where Ed eats the camera is hilarious, the following shot of the camera in his stomach can disgust some viewers.


  • This episode and its sister episode, "Is There an Ed in the House?", use the A.K.A. Cartoon vanity plate from Season 3, suggesting that these two episodes were originally produced for that season.
  • The music that plays at Eddy's bedroom party plays during the credits instead of the usual credits music, marking the only time in the series where alternate music is used.
  • 3 months before the episode aired, it was featured at the Paley Center for Media (known then as the Museum of Television and Radio) in New York City as part of their "Cartoon Power!" program.
  • A couple moments and lines from the episode have become internet memes, such as "Man the helms! Dive! Dive!", "Sweet, Eddy! You're cool, man.", and "Rolf will release his rage now!"

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