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Angry Birds Slingshot Stories

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Angry Birds Slingshot Stories
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Nyt tässä on Angry Birds -show, joka todella osoittaa useimpien Angry Birds -pelien viehätyksen. (Now here is a Angry Birds show that really shows the charm of most of the Angry Birds games.)
Genre: Adventure
Running Time: 1 minute
Country: Finland
United States
Release Date: January 18th, 2020 - present
Network(s): YouTube
Created by: Rovio Entertainment
Seasons: 2
Episodes: 12
Previous show: Angry Birds MakerSpace
Next show: Angry Birds Bubble Trouble

Angry Birds Slingshot Stories is an animated cartoon based off of Angry Birds. It is based off of Angry Birds 2 & the other slingshot games.

Miksi se rocks (Why It Rocks)

  1. Remains the charm of all of the slingshot Angry Birds games, and is very faithful to the source material, as it focuses on the birds destroying the pigs with the slingshot. That is very well executed, since that never happened in the other Angry Birds TV shows.
  2. Beautiful and fast-paced CGI animation.
  3. Foreman Pig actually returns in this show after 5 years of not being in any shows, which is a good idea to return a great character after not being in most shows.
  4. Creative & great episodes.
  5. The voice acting is good, as usual like in most of Rovio's shows. Despite there being no dialogue.
  6. The birds use the slingshot for the 1st time in one of Rovio's shows, which is rare, since they haven't did that in the other shows, not even Angry Birds Toons.
  7. Red, Chuck, & Bomb are likable characters in the show, like in other Rovio shows.
  8. The 2nd season is considered an improvement over "Angry Birds Bubble Trouble", another Rovio show.
  9. The Pigs are also likable characters in the show, & they have their original personalities like in the games.
  10. Awesome soundtrack.
  11. Classic fans of Angry Birds can enjoy this show, due to how it is referencing the classic Angry Birds games, Piggy Tales (seasons 1-2), & Angry Birds Toons.

Bad Qualities

  1. Just like some of the Rovio shows, Red, Chuck, & Bomb are the only birds that are focused on. While it is in fact true that they are the most well-known and popular birds in the franchise, it would be nice to see other characters too, like Matilda, The Blues, Terence, Silver & Stella.
  2. Speaking of BQ #1, King Pig is also not seen in the show, which sucks, because he usually appeared in the slingshot games.
  3. There are some bad episodes, such as Unflappable.
  4. Foreman Pig can be unlikable sometimes.
    • However, he is meant to be unlikable at times, so this flaw can mostly be forgiven.


The show was met with mixed to positive reception from fans & reviewers.


There was ads on Angry Birds 2 that were promoting this show, due to how it was based off of that game.


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