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Angry Birds Stella

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Angry Birds Stella
AB Stella Poster.jpg
The text book example of to make a GOOD girls show.
Genre: Comedy
Running Time: 6 minutes
Country: Finland
Release Date: November, 1 2014 – March 11, 2016
Created by: Mikko Pöllä
Kari Juusonen
Eric Guaglione
Distributed by: Sony Pictures Television
Starring: Heljä Heikkinen
Saara Lehtonen
Rinna Paatso
Annituuli Kasurinen
Seasons: 2
Episodes: 26
Previous show: Piggy Tales
Next show: Angry Birds Blues

Angry Birds Stella is a Finnish animated TV series based on the Angry Birds spin-off of the same name. It released in November 2014 and ended in March 2016.


Stella is your fun loving female Angry Bird who loves going on adventures with her friends, brained Dahlia, artist Willow, child-like Luca, musician Poppy, and...actually, her last friend, Gale, after taking a different direction during a trip, finds a golden egg which ends up corrupting her and turn against her friends, becoming a princess (later queen) of her castle. Despite the corruption one of her used to be friends be, Stella continues to enjoy her adventures and soon enough starts planning to stop Gale in her tracks.

Why It's Stellar (no pun intended)

  1. This is the very first Angry Birds TV series to have an actual story to tell, with a lot of lore and characters to actually get attached to.
  2. Beautiful and fluid CGI animation, with good character designs and expressive backgrounds as well.
    • There is also a good mix with some 2D animation, as shown by the season 2 intro.
  3. Catchy and on-tune background music that fits with the tone.
  4. Speaking of music, there are awesome theme songs, for seasons 1 and 2 alike.
  5. Many characters are likable, such as:
    • Stella (pink) is a titular, bouncy, eccentric, bubbly, likable girly girl protagonist (also excluding her child-like behavior).
    • Gale (purple) is a decently written antagonist, who was corrupted by the golden egg.
    • Dahlia (tan brown) is a good smart character.
    • Willow (strong blue) is a chill, but insecure, loveable artist character.
    • Luca (light blue) being the only male member, has this child-like innocence to him that makes him somewhat endearing (with the exception of The Runaway).
    • Poppy (light yellow), despite getting flanderized since "The Prankster" is quite an enjoyable musician.
  6. This series introduced fantasy elements into Angry Birds, making it have some great world-building and making it quite unique compared to other Angry Birds Tv series.
  7. The relationship between Gale and Stella is very compelling, especially for an Angry Birds series. Gale has been corrupted by the golden egg and the series does a good job of how it has affected Stella's relationship with Gale, and episodes focusing on that aspect are some of the best in the series.
  8. The series covers topics that no other Angry Birds series would, making for interesting stories and wonderful messages to tell kids.
  9. Speaking of which, there is often beautiful and heart warming messages and morals.
  10. The series could have been just "Angry Birds for girls", but instead it took the Friendship is Magic route and made an actual show with characters and true world-building, a show that all that fans and audiences can enjoy.
  11. Even with the series going downhill in Season 2, the final story arc and conclusion was pretty decent.
  12. Many great/decent episodes, such as:
    • "A Fork In The Friendship" (which began the show on a decent note)
    • "Bad Princess"
    • "The Golden Egg"
    • "Rock On!" (depending on your view)
    • "To The Bitter End" (which was a fantastic way to end Season 1)
    • "New Day" (which began Season 2 on a good note)
    • "Friends Whenever"
    • "Camp Scary"
    • "It's Mine!" (which may as well be one of the best episodes)
    • "Gilded Cage"
    • "The Golden Queen"
    • "Own The Sky"
    • "Premotion"
    • "Last Bird Standing"
    • "You Asked For It" (which while not perfect ended the show on a high note)

Bad Qualities

  1. Some characters are mediocre and unlikable.
    • As said, Poppy slightly got flanderized ever since "The Prankster". She also became fairly cruel in her pranks.
    • Gale, despite being noticeably well written, can act extremely cruel and mean-spirited times, especially in "Don't Steal My Birthday!", which despite being intentional, may anger some viewers since she doesn't get karma for her actions, making her a Karma Houdini.
    • Stella, despite being likable, has a bit of an unlikable moment where she had scolded Luca for being muddy (again) at the near end of "The Runaway", though it's intentional that she's a teenager at her age (with a hint of her child-like behavior), despite she's trying to make him take a bath.
  2. The characters didn't even use their powers in the series entirely, aside from as seen at the near end of the theme song and even with Willow using her ability for once in a single episode.
  3. The series slightly dipped down in Season 2, which, whilst not bad, had many various flaws:
    • For starters, the last few episodes and final story arch, while not bad, felt very rushed.
    • The first half of the season is very inconsistent in terms of quality, as one good/great episode would be followed with a bad/average episode and vice versa, though the quality became more consistent in episode 9 and onwards.
    • It had a lot of filler episodes that contributed nothing to the overarching plot.
    • As said, due to inconsistent quality, a more abundance of bad/average episodes came, such as below.
    • It's also poorly paced, with the season only getting into an actual plot at episode 9, which is far too late in the season.
      • Despite all of this, the season still has a handful of good episodes and although the last few episodes felt rushed, they were still good episodes and the season had good ideas and executed decently them well.
  4. The series itself have never gotten a Christmas special.
  5. We don't get to see what Stella and Gale's friendship was like before she was corrupted by the golden egg. We see glimpses of that in the first two episodes but they portray their relationship at its worst. This is why the series should have gotten a season 3, as it could have shown us more of what Gale was like before the golden egg threw a wreck into things. Along with that, the episode "The Storm" fails this good idea really badly.
  6. The series sadly had a very abrupt conclusion likely due to Rovio wanting to rush the series as soon as possible.
  7. Some bad or mediocre episodes like:
    • "The Runaway"
    • "The Prankster"
    • "Night of The Bling" (weak Halloween special)
    • "Step It Up!"
    • "Don't Steal My Birthday!"
    • "The Storm" (which was the worst episode of the series)
    • "Royal Pains"
  8. A few noticeable animation errors.


Angry Birds Stella received positive reception from critics and fans of Angry Birds themselves, due to fantastic world building, beautiful animation, and overall charm to the series. And whilst Season 2 did receive a more mixed review, it still manage to succeed with a rating of 7.1/10. It was also nominated for 3 awards, 2 of which it won.


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