Angry Birds Toons (Season 1)

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Angry Birds Toons (Season 1)
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"Ah yes, now we have is the first Angry Birds TV Show that was based on a popular game."
Genre: Comedy
Country: Finland
Release Date: 17 March 2013 – 13 May 2016
Created by: Mikael Hed
Lauri Konttori
Mikko Pöllä
Distributed by: Sony Pictures Home Entertainment
Starring: Antti LJ Pääkkönen
Antti Pääkkönen
Pasi Ruohonen
Lynne Guaglione
Seasons: 3
Episodes: 104

Angry Birds Toons was a web series made by Rovio Entertainment itself after they saw that Angry Birds was successful. It was first aired on March 13, 2013.

Why It Rocks

  1. The flash animation is flawless, like in “Chuck Time”, the premiere episode. In fact, the show has the best flash animation out if all of Rovio’s shows.
  2. Good soundtrack.
  3. The pigs were actually more than one dimensional at that season, as they didn’t mainly focus on getting the eggs for King Pig.
  4. The fight scenes are entertaining to look at.
  5. Some funny moments.
  6. The voice acting is flawless, despite the fact there is no dialogue.
  7. The plots of each episode make sense for Rovio’s first show.
  8. It caused several other shows to be made, and the movie due to it’s success.

Bad Qualities

  1. Although the hand drawn animation was decent, it didn’t feel as fast-paced. Then again, this is Rovio’s first show.
  2. The characters (excluding Terence) were flanderized after Season 1.
    1. Red became an overprotective Gary-Stu angry bullylike jerk that likes beating the innocent pigs for fun and leaving them to starve. He is also very racist towards the pigs and is very mean to them for no real reason.
    2. Chuck changed from a lovable, funny speed demon to an annoying idiotic jerk who cares more about looking cool than protecting the eggs, he also gets too much screentime in the newer seasons.
    3. The Blues became annoying troublemaking brats that also like to beat the pigs for fun.
    4. Matilda became an OCD overprotective Neat Freak that wants everything to be perfect.
    5. Bomb became a boring penguin with no personality and eats ice cream for no reason.
    6. The Pigs became 1-dimensional villain characters who want to steal the eggs from the Birds for no real reason when they could’ve eaten something else, They also Became punching bags for the Birds.
  3. False advertising in the teaser: Stella is not in the web series at all. Although, her absence was made up in an another web series called “Angry Birds Stella”, which was based on the spinoff game of Angry Birds.
  4. Hal also does not appear, he didn't even have his own spin-off or appear in any animated shows.
  5. The Episode "Chucked Out", which is pretty bad.
  6. Bubbles only appear in some Halloween episodes (such as, "Night of the Living Pork", "Sweets of Doom" and "Porcula".), but he doesn't appear with the rest of Red's flock.
  7. Some mean-spirited moments. (like Chuck during "Chucked Out", "Slow the Chuck Down!" and "Photochucked".)
  8. Some bad or mean-spirited episodes like, "Photochucked", "The Miracle of Life", "Just So", "Sneezy Does It" and "Eating Out".




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Don't worry I fixed it to myself.


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I wonder when they're gonna put Silver in.

Master Chief

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it's been nearly 5 years since he last season, I doubt they are gonna make any new episodes with Silver in it.


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Sneezy Does It was a mean-spirited episode.

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