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Angry Birds Toons (seasons 1 & 2)

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Angry Birds Toons
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Ah yes, now all we have is the first Angry Birds TV show that was based on a popular game.
Genre: Comedy
Country: Finland
Release Date: 17 March 2013 – 13 May 2016
Created by: Mikael Hed
Lauri Konttori
Mikko Pöllä
Distributed by: Sony Pictures Home Entertainment
Starring: Antti LJ Pääkkönen
Antti Pääkkönen
Pasi Ruohonen
Lynne Guaglione
Seasons: 3
Episodes: 104
Next show: Piggy Tales

"Angry Birds Toons" is a 2013 TV series made by Rovio Entertainment itself after they saw that Angry Birds was successful. It was first aired on March 13, 2013.

Why These Seasons Aren't Angering At All

  1. The flash animation is amazing, like in “Chuck Time”, the premiere episode. In fact, the show has the best flash animation out if all of Rovio’s shows.
  2. The characters are fleshed out, being given more personality and character traits.
    • For instance, the pigs were actually more three-dimensional in this series. Many of the episodes focus on the life of the minion pigs beyond their attempts to steal the eggs.
  3. It introduces new characters like Chef Pig and Tenor Pig.
  4. Good soundtrack that manages to capture the themes of the series.
  5. The fight scenes are hilarious and action-packed, for example, Chuck slowing down time to retrieve the eggs from the pigs in The Bird That Cried Pig.
  6. Some funny moments, such as Corporal Pig getting struck by lightning in "Thunder Chuck" and King Pig flying out of the exploding giant wooden egg like a cannonball in "Trojan Egg".
  7. The voice acting is flawless and funny, with Antti LJ Pääkkönen performing various male characters, from Red, Chuck, the minion pigs and King Pig.
  8. The plots of each episode are creative and unique. While it usually involves the pigs' attempts to steal the eggs, there are many episodes focusing on the birds and the pigs without each other appearing.
  9. It caused several other shows to be made, and the movie due to its success.
  10. Lots of well-written and creative episodes, such as:
    • Trojan Egg
    • Pig Talent
    • Pig Plot Potion
    • Hambo
    • Slingshot 101
    • Tooth Royal
    • Piggy Wig
    • Jingle Yells
    • Piggies of the Deep
    • Bomb's Awake
    • Thunder Chuck
    • Cold Justice
    • Royal Heist
    • Fix It!
    • Didgeridork
    • Brutal vs Brutal
    • Another Birthday
    • The Butterfly Effect
    • Dopeys on a Rope
    • Hamshank Redemption
    • Love Is In the Air
    • Crash Test Piggies
    • Run Chuck Run
    • Slumber Mill
    • King of the Ring
    • Egg Sounds
    • Night of the Living Pork (First Halloween special)
    • Cordon Bleugh!
    • Bombina
    • Egg's Day Out
    • Sir Bomb of Hamelot
    • Hypno Pigs
    • Hiccups
    • The Bird that Cried Pig
    • Chuck Time (the premiere episode)
    • Full Metal Chuck
    • Catch Of The Day
    • Boulder Bro
    • Hocus Porcus
    • Last Tree Standing
    • True Blue?
    • The Great Eggscape
    • Super Bomb
    • Sink or Swim (depending on your view)
    • Hide & Seek
    • Joy to the Pigs
    • King of the Castle
    • A Pig's Best Friend
    • Sweets of Doom (Second Halloween special)
    • Nighty Night Terence
    • The Porktrait
    • Treasure Hunt
    • Operation Opera
    • Slappy Go-Lucky
    • Porcula (Third Halloween special)
    • El Porkador!
  11. The art direction is so memorable that all Angry Birds media since begin to not only adapt the series' art style, but the voice actors even reprised their roles, such examples are but not limited to: Angry Birds Epic, Angry Birds Go! and Angry Birds Fight.

Bad Qualities

  1. Although the hand drawn animation was decent, it didn’t feel as fast-paced (when the episode "Gardening with Terence" decided to change the animation style). Then again, this is Rovio’s first show.
    • Speaking of which, the animation kept going back and forth with its style (starting on True Blue? and ending on Gardening with Terence), which is kinda off.
  2. Despite being very faithful to the source material for the most part, it's somewhat inaccurate and misses a few elements:
    • Matilda doesn't lay any egg bombs in any episode.
    • The birds barely use the slingshot to fight the pigs (granted, they often don't need it, but still, especially in "Hypno Pigs").
    • For some reason, Chuck needs a headband to increase his speed (as seen in episodes Chuck Time, Thunder Chuck and Chucked Out), which is something never seen in any game, not even in the ones subsequent to the show.
    • Hal is nowhere to be seen, even though he appeared in every game prior (aside from Space).
  3. The show went downhill during Season 3, and the characters (excluding Terence) were flanderized after Season 2. Click here for more details.
  4. False advertising in the teaser: Stella is not in the web series at all. Although, her absence was made up in an another web series called “Angry Birds Stella”, which was based on the spinoff game of Angry Birds.
  5. Even before season three, it has some bad episodes, such as:
    • Oh Gnome!
    • Shrub It In
    • Just So
    • Eating Out
    • Gardening with Terence
    • Mona Litha
    • Cave Pig
    • Double Take
    • Sneezy Does It
    • Party Ahoy!
    • Chucked Out
    • Where's My Crown?
    • Bearded Ambition
    • Gate Crasher
    • Hog Roast
    • Fired Up
    • Bird Flu
    • Not Without My Helmet
    • The Truce
    • Slow The Chuck Down!
    • Clash of Corns
    • Sleep Like a Hog
    • Green Pig Soup
    • Dogzilla
    • Chuckmania (depending on your view)
    • Pig Possessed
    • Epic Sax-Off
    • Do As I Say!
    • Off Duty
    • The Miracle of Life (The most infamous example)
    • Slow the Chuck Down!
  6. Most of the episodes of season 1 (possibly the second half) had their dates mislabeled, like the "The Butterfly Effect". (2013 instead of 2014)
  7. Some mean-spirited moments, like how Red, Bomb and Matilda had Chuck left out of the flock for causing the falling boulders accident, instead of making him fix the mess like in Fired Up and Matilda making Bomb to drink a paint bucket and later exploding all the paint out of him in Clash of Corns.
  8. Gross-out humor is included.
  9. Noticeable animation errors, like the part in "Hiccups" when the birds are yawning, Chuck's crest splits. If you want to find out, then see for yourself.

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