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Angry Kid

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Angry Kid
Angry Kid (first series) logo.jpg
"Stew my foot and call me Brenda!"
Genre: Stop-motion
Adult animation
Black comedy
Surreal humour
Running Time: 1-2 minutes, 22 minutes
Country: United Kingdom
Release Date: 1 January 1999 – present
Network(s): Channel 4 (1999 – 2002)
BBC Three (2003 – 2005) (1999 – 2012)
YouTube (2007 – present)
Created by: Darren Walsh
Distributed by: Aardman Animations
Seasons: 4
Episodes: 66

Angry Kid is a British 1-minute short live action and stop motion adult animated comedy web series created, directed, written, and designed by Darren Walsh (who also provides the voice of the title character) and produced by Aardman Animations for Series 1 and 2 and by Mr Morris Productions for Series 3 and 4. Unlike most Aardman productions, Angry Kid was not created using clay animation but a combination of pixilation (using actors in a form of stop motion puppetry) with masks for facial expressions. Series 3 onwards uses CGI for Angry Kid's head, along with live action. The series also aired in the United States on MTV.

Series 1 and 2 have been released on DVD in the UK and Australia. All the Angry Kid animations from before the third series were on before the site was absorbed into Comedy Central. A compilation DVD called Aardman's Dark Side was also released, and it contains several Series 2 episodes and an exclusive episode. The vast majority of Angry Kid has since been released on YouTube.

Series 3 was launched in July 2015 after an 8-year hiatus. The first episode 'Interview' aired on 3 July. Series 3 is produced by Mr Morris Productions with episodes being aired on Angry Kid's official YouTube page with a new episode being uploaded every 3 weeks. Series 4 launched on 10 September 2019.


Skits of the title character, who has a foul-mouthed attitude and gains enjoyment out of irritating others.

Why It Rocks

  1. Surprisingly, Aardman trying out pixilation after Rex the Runt was well executed.
  2. Weird but wonderful character designs.
    • The title character (real name: Stanners) himself is a funny character. He is a young, cockney, idiotic, ugly, tall, embittered. Angry Kid is often a real pain to Dad, Lil' Sis, Speccy, and other people.
    • Lil' Sis, Angry Kid's sister, is a cute character.
  3. Lots of funny and memorable quotes, such as:
    • "Oh no, not the home, dad!"
    • "Bugger!"
    • "Blood juice!"
    • "What's a buttplug?"
    • "I'm Captain Buggernuts, The Masked Bum Cake Avenger! My mission, is to save the world from... uh... ...The evil Dr. Arserot!"
    • "Buggerpisswooboobies!"
  4. The music videos of Angry Kid rapping, such as Handbags, are decent.
  5. The series had been going on non-stop for an impressive 22 years.
  6. Angry Kid interacting with the audience in the YouTube comments is a nice touch.

Bad Qualities

  1. The pixilation can be a bit off looking at times.
  2. Dad sometimes can get really mean as characters. Although it is understandable since Angry Kid annoys both of them at the most of time.
  3. The title of the show feels a tad false advertising because Stanners isn't clearly an "angry kid"; he's just a simple troublemaker who most of the time annoys everyone he knows like (including his Dad). He's that sort of troublemaker like Bart Simpson, except with a rather foul mouth.