Armor Hero

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Armor Hero
"We are Armor Heroes!"
Genre: Tokusatsu

Action Superhero

Running Time: 23-24 minutes per episode
Country: China
Release Date: 2008
Created by: Guangdong Alpha Group
Distributed by: Guangdong Alpha Group

Alpha Audley Toys (Toyline distribution)

Episodes: 52
Next show: Armor Hero XT

Armor Hero (铠甲勇士 Kǎijiǎ Yǒngshì) aka Armor Hero: Legend of Light and Shadow (铠甲勇士之光影传奇 Kǎijiǎ Yǒngshì: Zhīguāng Yǐngchuán Qí) is a Kamen Rider & Metal Hero-inspired Chinese tokusatsu drama series created and produced by Alpha Group and released in 2008.


Xin Nan, Bei Miao, Dong Shan, Xi Zhao, and Kun Zhong are the descendants of the Fire village, the Water village, the Wood village, the Gold village, and the Earth village respectively. Their bodies contain a mysterious gene, with the power of the Guang Ying Shi ("Light-Shadow Stone") crystals, they are endowed with magical Powered Armor, heirlooms from ancient times.

Bearing such a mighty panoply, these five young men become the embodiment of righteousness: Yan Long Xia the Fire Dragon Hero, Hei Xi Xia the Black Rhinoceros Hero, Feng Ying Xia the Sky Eagle Hero, Xue Ao Xia the Snow Mastiff Hero, and Di Hu Xia the Earth Tiger Hero. As armored heroes, they fight the evil plans and schemes of the Shadow Emperor and his minions.

The villains' plan is to disrupt the happiness of the community by using pollutants to make pollution monsters that harm the environment and the community's peace. Through their hard work of beating monsters up with a single finisher, the Armor Heroes achieve victory by sealing the fifty-two monsters in fifty-two magical stones and five large magical charms.

Why It Rocks

  1. Awesome action scenes.
  2. Good acting, and storyline.
  3. Amazing theme song
  4. Interesting premise of five descendants of each respective villages based on their elements fighting environment harming monsters with their powers.
  5. Great suit designs for the heroes, as well as the monsters.
  6. It gained a feature film called Armor Hero: Emperor, which is released two years after the release of Armor Hero.

Bad Qualities

  1. Although the main Armor Hero suits were inspired by Kamen Rider, a few of them were a bit of a copy of the original.
  2. The English Dub isn't good.


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