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Army (Bluey)

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Part of Season: 2
Episode Number: 16
Air Date: April 1, 2020
Writer: Joe Brumm
Run Time 7 minutes
Previous episode: Trains
Next episode: Fancy Restaurant

"Army" is the 16st episode of the second season of Bluey.


Jack has his first day at Bluey's school, but he is worried that he will struggle to sit still and follow instructions. Jack befriends Rusty, who teaches him how to play "Army". As a new recruit, Jack must follow directions from his drill sergeant Rusty, as he undergoes training to become a soldier. Jack discovers his ability to focus and is accepted into the army as a private.

Why It Rocks

  1. This episode has managed to get anything about being a army done right in the right way
  2. It introduced a very good ADHD character named Jack Russell and it's a pretty likeable character that does not offend people who have ADHD and/or a similar disorder.
    1. Not only that but it also a great character for telling the whole viewers about What's being a army is like and what does it do and other army stuff.
  3. Rusty is also a likable character
  4. Most of the scenes is very relaxing, educational and sometimes pretty cool and funny at times like the scene when Jack Russell explains about what hand signals that a army would do.
  5. It has a decent but still good moral about you should remember something.
  6. As expected, great animation and music.


  • This episode was aired in Australia on April Fools Day and Bluey Heeler has a cameo appearence
  • This episode debuts Jack and his family.
  • This episode takes place during The Adventure.
  • Anthony Field (of The Wiggles) did the voice of Rusty's Dad who also did a voice of Postie from the 1st season 2 episode Dance Mode.


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