Arthur's Almost Live Not Real Music Festival (Arthur)

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Arthur's Almost Live Not Real Music Festival is the second segment of the 11th episode of Arthur Season 3.

Arthur's Almost Live Not Real Music Festival (Arthur)
Arthur's Almost Live Not Real Music Festival.png
"Having fun isn't hard when you've got a library card!"
- Arthur, Buster, Francine, Brain, Muffy, Binky, Fern, Sue Ellen, George, Jenna, and many others
Series: Arthur
Part of Season: 3
Episode Number: 61b
(11b in season)
Air Date: December 28, 1998
Writer: Joe Fallon
Ken Scarborough
Director: Greg Bailey
Previous episode: Double Tibble Trouble
Next episode: What Scared Sue Ellen?

Why It Has A Library Card

  1. It breaks the usual formula of the show, and instead uses songs for the episode.
  2. All 4 songs are memorable in different ways.
    • The Library Card Song is THE song of the episode. It's the only one out of the 4 to get a reprise at the end. It shows, because the song may not have the best instruments, comedy, or catchiness of the four, but it's the "jack of all trades, master of none" of these songs.
    • The Jekyll and Hyde Song was catchy, especially when they get to the "Jekyll Jekyll Hyde Jekyll Hyde Hyde Jekyll" part, where the music becomes much more intense, thus rocking harder.
    • Leftovers Goulash may not have the most clever lyrics or the best consistency, but it's definitely the funniest song of the four.
    • Homework was not as funny as Leftover Goulash, but it was still funny, and its rhymes were extremely catchy.
  3. "Who's Dewey?"
  4. Simple, but good morals about music being about anything and things not having to be real to be good.
  5. There are many good jokes in this episode.
    • One of them is everyone staring at Binky surprised that he likes pretty flowers. What makes the joke so funny is that everyone runs to Binky just to stare at him.

Bad Qualities

  1. The songs (except Library Card) have their share of problems.
    • Jekyll and Hyde seems more like a poem than a song aside from the Jekyll Jekyll Hyde parts.
    • Leftover Goulash is very inconsistent and shifts to other parts randomly.
    • Homework has Mr. Ratburn acting like a jerk, giving his students too much homework, even making Buster say "I think I'm gonna die-ie-ie-ie!".
  2. Leftovers Goulash and Homework both use clips from other episodes, making this feel like a Clip Show.
    • Speaking of Clip Shows, Leftovers Goulash uses a clip from a later episode, D.W.’s Perfect Wish.
  3. The episode would've been better if it had been a 22 minute special, although there were none in the show until Season 7.


The songs in the episode as well as the episode itself were highly praised by fans. It, along with Double Tibble Trouble got an 8.4/10. Along with April 9th, it is considered the best episode of the series, getting 2nd place in the Top Tens for best Arthur episodes.



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