Assassination Classroom

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Assassination Classroom
"Take advantage of what you have, while you have it."
Genre: Adventure, Comedy, Science Fiction
Country: Japan
Release Date: July 8th, 2018
Created by: Yūsei Matsui
Seasons: 2
Episodes: 47 + 1 OVA

Assassination Classroom is a show based on the manga of the same name written by Yūsei Matsui. It was released on January 9th, 2015.


A very powerful creature, who says to be the "one" who destroyed 70% of the moon making it look like a permanent crescent moon, threatens to destroy the Earth as well. The students of a lower grade class have a whole year until next March to assassinate their teacher before it's too late.

Why It Rocks

  1. The concept of a creature who threatens humanity and becomes a teacher is very interesting.
  2. Gorgeous and well-composed soundtrack
  3. Koro Sensei is a very likable character. With his quirky and likable personality, he will easily become your favorite character
    • He is also a very empathetic character as for the reason he decided to become a teacher because someone he used to be very close with's dying wish, that used to teach Class 3-E, was for Koro Sensei to become a teacher.
    • The scenes where he is bonding with his students is rather heartwarming.
    • He also cares for his students
    • Most of his quotes are very inspirational.
  4. Funny running gags like when the students keeps calling Irina Jelavić's last name Jelabitch and where Koro Sensei is a massive porn addict.
  5. A couple of other likable characters such as Nagisa, Karma and Kaede.
  6. Koro Sensei's death is admittedly the most saddest and most heart-tugging death in any anime show ever.
  7. The Class 3-E students come up with clever ways to kill Koro Sensei
  8. Made a few references to other popular anime such as Attack on Titan, and Naruto.

Bad Qualities

  1. A couple of unlikable characters such as Shiro, Gakuhō Asano (Only in the first season, he becomes more sympathetic in the second season), the Upper Grade students, Kunudon (who never shows up again after transferring to E-Class), and a couple more like Irina and Hiromi. Hiromi in particular drugged Nagisa and kidnapping him and eventually Nagisa deciding to earn her respect really did not make sense especially considering the years of mental abuse she brought. And her hypocritical attitude about arson by setting class 3-e on fire being fine but murder being wrong.
  2. There are a couple of things that weren't explained in this show.
    • We never got to learn Koro Sensei's real name.
      • We also never got to see what Koro Sensei looked like without his outfit on.
    • How did Shiro manage to get the syringe containing the Tentacle Anti-Matter seeds when the laboratory that gave Koro Sensei his powers was destroyed?
    • Why did Koro Sensei say he was going to destroy the Earth in 12 months because the cells inside him die when Anti-Matter around the same size as him has a very scarce chance of happening because organisms that are smaller than him, like the rat that self-destructed and destroyed 70% of the moon, have a dangerously high chance of exploding when their cells die.
  3. Koro Sensei's backstory isn't explored until the second season.
  4. Some scenes from the manga didn't make it into the anime, such as Shiro surviving after being thrown into the Shield of Earth barrier in the very end of the anime.
  5. The 365 Days movie is disappointing to fans of the anime.

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