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Baby Looney Tunes

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Baby Looney Tunes
Baby Looney Tunes.png
🎵"Hey there, everybody, it's a Looney-ful day"

To have a little fun the "Baby Looney Tunes" way"🎵

Genre: Comedy
Running Time: 11 Minutes
Country: United States
Release Date: June 3, 2001 - April 20, 2005 (seasons 1-2)
Network(s): Kids' WB (2001-2003)
Cartoon Network (2002-2006)
Distributed by: Warner Bros. Television Distribution
Starring: Sam Vincent
Britt McKillip
Ian James Corlett
Terry Klassen
Janyse Jaud
Chiara Zanni
June Foray
Episodes: 38 (season 1)
13 (season 2)
Previous show: The Sylvester & Tweety Mysteries
Bugs 'n' Daffy
Next show: Duck Dodgers

"Baby Looney Tunes" is an American animated television series depicting toddler versions of Looney Tunes characters. It was produced by Warner Bros. Animation. The series focused on real world problems and morals that children may relate to, such as sharing, understanding emotions, and playing with others. The Looney Tunes babies first live with Granny, but starting in the second season, were cared for by babysitter Floyd, Granny's nephew.

Why It Can Do It The Baby Looney Tunes Way

  1. The designs for the Loonies as babies are cute.
  2. Even if this show is for a preschool audience, It can be enjoying for some older kids too.
  3. They has some charm for the Original Looney Tunes as well but those were shown briefly since it is a preschool show.
  4. Good episodes like:
    • A Secret Tweet (Which was the pilot episode and started the series on a high note)
    • I Strain (a Clever parody of preschool shows)
    • Who Said That? (An episode that can be actually funny)
    • Firehouse Frolics (Which was the series finale and a good way to wrap up the show)
  5. The animation looks great, especially in some episodes like: School Daze, Things that goes Bugs in The Night, and More.
  6. The backgrounds looks lighter in Season 1 but in Season 2 it got darker, making Granny's house look completely different from Season 1. But it's still good.
  7. Season 2 also introduced to a new character Floyd who was also likable.
  8. The songs (parodies of Mother Goose's Nursery Rhymes) are pretty good and can be pretty catchy.
  9. Good lessons to be taught.
  10. It doesn’t try to cash in on trends and treats the audience well.
  11. The theme song is catchy.
  12. It's still better than Loonatics Unleashed.

Bad Qualities

  1. The education value can be grating at some points.
  2. They do have some mediocre episodes like:
    • Takers Keepers (considered as the worst)
    • Daffy Did It!
    • Time Out! (Which, depending on your view, could be considered a torture episode for Bugs, Daffy and Taz since they got in timeout for accidentally breaking a clock, so Granny has to extend their timeout even longer when they're trying to fix the clock for her)
  3. Taz is portrayed as a complete crybaby and his crying can get annoying and can get on your last nerves.
  4. The characters can be unlikable in some episodes.
  5. The backgrounds for Season 2, while not the worst, are kinda weak compared to the first season.
  6. For unknown reasons Porky Pig who is one of the main and most important characters in Looney Tunes (as much as Bugs and Daffy) does not appear at any of the episodes.
  7. Melissa and Petunia were abruptly introduced midway through the first season with no introduction.
  8. Similar to Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, this show may have mislead some people into thinking that Looney Tunes is only for young children, which is totally not true, considering it nearly started a century ago as of now.
  9. It isn’t really faithful to the original Looney Tunes, as it mostly throws out its original premise in favour of a new one, although the new idea isn’t terrible, but still.


It received mixed reviews as well as a 6.2/10 rating on IMDB, a 4/5 rating on Common Sense Media, and a 94% on Google.




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