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Baby Race (Bluey)

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Baby Race (Bluey)
Not everything is a race, not even what the best Bluey episodes are.
Series: Bluey
Part of Season: 2
Episode Number: 50
Air Date: November 17, 2020
Writer: Myf Warhurst
Ian McFadyen
Director: Joe Brumm
Previous episode: Typewriter
Next episode: 'Christmas Swim'

"Baby Race" is the 50th episode of the second season of Bluey.


Mum reminisces about Bluey and Judo as babies. Bluey learnt to roll over first, but Judo was the first to crawl, so then it became a race to see who was going to walk first!

Why It Rocks

  1. This episode is known for being one of the cutest Bluey episodes of all time.
  2. There's a lot nice and cute moments and it there's some funny moments in there.
    • The part where Bingo says "Oh, biscuits" was humorous.
  3. Baby Bluey is one of the cutest baby characters of all time and not only that but also the babies version of characters we know like "Judo" and "Snickers".
  4. Good Ending: There was a scene when Baby Bluey finally walked to her mum for the first time and her mum Chilli actually have a cute happy tears once she sees her baby walking for the first time, Which is so cute and adorable.
  5. Along with "Sleepytime", "Barky Boats", "Grandad" and "Dance Mode", It was also known for being one of the best episodes in the second season of Bluey.
  6. There's a funny MacBook gag where the Apple logo is replaced with a pineapple.

The Only Bad Quality

  1. The montage in the episode might be boring for some people.


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