Band of Brothers (Jonas)

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Band of Brothers (Jonas)
Band of brothers Jonas.png
Now this is how you say goodbye to the Jonas brothers. Wow, and it’s also lucky number episode 13 of this season.
Series: Jonas
Part of Season: 2
Episode Number: 13
Air Date: October 3, 2010
Writer: Ryan Shiraki
Director: Ryan Shiraki
Previous episode: On the Radio

Band of Brothers is the 13th and final episode of Season 2 of Jonas and the 34th episode overall, as well as the series finale.


Stella is upset Joe will have to be away filming, and decides to leave, so Joe tries to reach her before her plane leaves. Later, a gig is planned to prove the band is staying together.

Why It Rocks

  1. The Jonas brothers act like their lovable selves before they were flanderized:
    • Joe is very likable, as he ran from his house all the way to the airport to make up with Stella, which is very heartwarming. They end up reuniting and kissing, which is great, and they continue to be together as she cheers him on during the concert, and have some cute moments near the end of the episode.
    • Nick is likable, as he is there for his girlfriend, Macy, and encourages her to keep the audience entertained until his brothers arrived for the concert. He and Macy also have some cute moments.
    • Kevin is the least likable out of the 3, but is still likable since he tried to help his brother out, and had a few funny moments, like with his car.
    • The 3 brothers overall were much more likable here than most episodes of the series, as they all sang greatly together in the concert, proving that they are still together, as a band and as brothers.
  2. The plot of this episode is very creative, interesting, and well-written, compared to most episodes of the series.
  3. The drama actually worked for once in this episode, such as when the conflict between the brothers was done right, and when Joe thought Stella left on the plane, which was very heartbreaking, then the drama mellowed out when he found her still at the airport. And his confession of his love for her was very heartwarming.
  4. The acting and humor are a lot better than usual, especially from the Jonas brothers.
  5. It gives us a great message to always be there for your loved ones, and support each other all the way.
  6. The concert turned out amazing in the end, as the Jonas brothers were all awesome together.
  7. The songs in this episode, "Critical", "Feelin' Alive", and "L.A. Baby", were all great.
  8. The final video segment about the Jonas brothers and their lives was good.
  9. On top of this, the ending was sad and heartwarming, when the brothers, Macy and Stella sat around the campfire, and the brothers sang their final song.
  10. This ended the Disney Channel career of the Jonas brothers on a high note.
  11. This episode was a good way to end the series. Other bad It’s a Laugh Productions shows, like Shake it Up, A.N.T. Farm, Dog with a Blog, and Bizaardvark would also have good finales after this one.