Barney & Friends (Seasons 1-2)

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Barney & Friends (Seasons 1-2)
Barney & Friends S1-S2 Logo HQ.png
Genre: Children's television series
Running Time: 30 minutes
Country: United States of America
Release Date: April 6, 1992 – November 2, 2010
Network(s): PBS Kids
Created by: Sheryl Leach
Kathy Parker
Dennis DeShazer
Distributed by: The Lyons Group
Lyrick Studios (1997-2001)
HIT Entertainment (now Mattel Creations) (2001-2010)
Starring: Bob West (1992-2000)
Duncan Brannan (1997-2002)
Tim Dever (1999-2002)
Dean Wendt (2002-present)
Julie Johnson
Patty Wirtz
Michaela Dietz
Seasons: 14
Episodes: 268
Previous show: Barney and the Backyard Gang (1988-1991)
Next show: Barney & Friends Reboot (2017, unrenewed as of 2021)

Barney & Friends is an American children's television series aimed at children aged 2–8 years old, created by Sheryl Leach and produced by HIT Entertainment. It premiered on PBS on April 6, 1992 and ended on September 18, 2009. The series features the title character Barney, a purple anthropomorphic Tyrannosaurus rex who conveys educational messages through songs and small dance routines with a friendly, optimistic attitude. The last episode aired on November 2, 2010. Reruns aired on Sprout from 2005 until 2015, and now air from December 17, 2018 to present on Sprout's successor network, Universal Kids.


The show revolves around kids who hang out with their plush dinosaur Barney, which he later comes to life and later visited by his friends, Baby Bop and BJ (Season 2 onwards) as they do activities while having fun.

Why These Seasons Rock

  1. The show promotes strong positive messages about friendship, teamwork, cultural appreciation and problem solving. It also emphasizes active play.
  2. Barney is a very appealing role model for little kids with his friendly and optimistic personality.
  3. Catchy songs that help encourages kids to stay active.
  4. Baby Bop (green) and BJ (yellow) are really cute.
  5. Good acting from the child actors.
  6. The theme song is pretty catchy.
  7. The show sometimes tackles serious topics such as disability. One of the kid characters is deaf and wears a hearing aid, and another has down syndrome.
  8. Good songs like "I Love You".
  9. Some funny moments here and there.

Bad Qualities

  1. Barney's constant laughing and singing can become repetitive.
  2. The "I Love You" song, while great, can be annoying at times.
  3. Some episodes have filler in them.
  4. The show went horribly downhill after the second season goes to season three.
  5. The Barney Doll from the first season can be considered as "creepy" at times because of the eyes, but luckily it was improved in the second season.
  6. BJ's first costume looked ugly.




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It's a niche audience show. Those are no longer allowed due to how quality control tends to be much, much harder than niche audience games or movies. Just the way it goes.


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