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Be True to Your Crew (The Future is Wild)

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Be True to Your Crew is the 10th (chronologically 18th) episode of The Future is Wild.


The team discovers that C.G. is secretly trying to reactivate her former robot crew members. In this episode, we learn how C.G. met Ethan, Emily, Luis and Squibbon.

Why It Rocks

  1. As stated above, we learn how C.G. met Ethan, Emily, Luis and Squibbon.
  2. The flashbacks in this episode delve deeper into the characters of CG and her father.
  3. This episode shows some massive character growth, especially with C.G.
  4. It has both heartwarming and some tearjerker moments in it.
  5. It also shows some great depth, history and the motivation of the story.