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Bewitched (The Garfield Show)

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Bewitched (The Garfield Show)
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Witches.. What a silly idea. What a ridiculous... "Mrs. Cauldron laughs". *shivers*.
Series: The Garfield Show
Part of Season: 4
Episode Number: 3b-5
Air Date: March 9, 2013 (France)
October 27, 2015 (Part 1) (US)
November 3, 2015 (Part 2) (US)
November 10, 2015 (Part 3) (US)
November 17, 2015 (Part 4) (US)
August 3, 2016 (Part 5) (US)
Writer: Julien Magnat
Director: Philippe Vidal
Previous episode: Lion Queen
Next episode: The Mean Machine

"Bewitched" is the second episode five-part special from the fourth season of The Garfield Show.


Bewitched - Familiar Familiar (Part 1)

Garfield meets Mrs. Cauldron's niece Abigail, who turns Odie into a bat to avoid getting in trouble at the Witchery School.

Bewitched - Witches Just Wanna Have Fun (Part 2)

Garfield, with help from a talking book, travels to the witchery world to save Odie.

Bewitched - The Heartless Witch (Part 3)

Abigail wishes for the book spirit to be free, and the spirit turns out to be the imprisoned Varicella (Mrs. Cauldron's sister, Abigail and Winona's aunt), who wants vengeance for being imprisoned for 1,000 years.

Bewitched - The Hall of Witchdom (Part 4)

Garfield, along with Odie and Winona (as a frog) aid Abigail to acquire three magical items before Varicella does.

Bewitched - Bewitched and Bewildered (Part 5)

Varicella succeeds in using the Forbidden Moon Spell, but Garfield and the others will not give up without a fight.

Why It Rocks

  1. The witches from The Garfield Show despite being a supernatural being but most of them are likeable especially the good witches like Mrs. Cauldron, Abigail, and Winona.
  2. Amazing plot combining supernatural and fantasy with adventures which something that the show never did before.
  3. Abigail, the main heroine for the episode is a likeable character for this special episode. Despite of disliking Garfield at first and being a mischievous girl at first. She's actually a friendly and insecure person who wants to be a good witch. And in the end her dreams finally come true by Garfield, Odie, and Winona's aid as she saves the world by throwing Mrs. Cauldron's necklace replacing Varicella's heart that she lost for over 1,000 years and stopping her plan to taking over the world in progress.
  4. The voice actor and actress did a brilliant job voicing them especially Frank Welker as Garfield, June Foray as Mrs. Cauldron, Laraine Newman as both Abigail and Winona, Gregg Berger as Odie, and Rose Marie as Varicella.
  5. From this episode, we learn the truth about witches in The Garfield Show and the fact that the witches that we've all seen in the previous episodes like Mrs. Cauldron (debut in season 2) and Winona (debut in season 3) are good witches. While on the other hand bad witches are sealed in a book of spell like Varicella does.
  6. Interesting fact about Mrs. Cauldron and Varicella are sisters despite both of them are complete opposite of how they penetrating their practice of the witchcraft in the real life. And it was revealed by Abigail that Mrs. Cauldron's name is actually Ester.
  7. Winona the supporting heroine who's already likeable witch woman at her first two appearances in season 3 become even more likeable as she become more nicer, thoughtful, responsible with her witchcraft, and become a mother figure to Abigail as she finally learns what the meaning of true love is.
  8. Varicella is a likeable villain as well as she plotting to taking over the world from shadow as both Garfield, Odie, Abigail, and Winona finding the three magical items as part of plan for her to casting Forbidden Moon Spell.
  9. The musical is a good part of the special as well especially "Witch Ballet", "Be My Ghost". "Varicella's Song", and "Final Broom Bride".
  10. As the team throw the locket into Varicella, she redeeming herself from her evil ways and become once again with the rest of Cauldron's family. Yet she also the one's who send Garfield and Odie back into mortal world and promise that she's only using her magic just for a selfless purposes only.
  11. The final part on the neitherworld before Garfield and Odie goes back to Earth is very heartwarming. Abigail become a full-fledge witch, Varicella goes back as part of family along with Cauldron's, the witches celebrates Garfield, Odie, Abigail, and Winona saving the world together, and when Garfield saying farewell to Abigail before both him and Odie goes back to Earth.
  12. Moral of the story: "The Strongest Magic Doesn't Come From The Wand, But From The Heart".
  13. This episode is also tearjerking as well since this is the very last episode when we can see the witches or at least having their roles on the show, as they never appears in the future episodes as it ended in Season 5. Since we only can still see Mrs. Cauldron but as a cameo only.
  14. This episode also a parody of Japanese anime about young witches who's taking a Magical School like Akazukin ChaCha and Ojamajo Doremi, and because of that this episode become popular in Japan as well.

Bad Qualities

  1. The part when Varicella turning the rest of the mortal world into a frog with her Forbidden Moon Spell is kind of horrifying especially to the fact that the target of the audience of this shows were kids.
  2. Half-Bad Ending: Why the hell Jon eats fly despite the fact that Varicella sends them back before she sends free from the book and taking over the world? And the part when Mrs. Cauldron suddenly appears didn't help at all.
  3. Gross-Out Moments especially when Jon serves Garfield "Fly Lasagna" and Winona and Jon eat flies especially after when they revert back to human form.
  4. The stairs part is making some of the watchers dizzy since it's twisting around as the camera angle didn't follow properly.
  5. Garfield is a bit unlikeable at start as he didn't care with the world's fate after Abigail set Varicella's free and just wanna go home despite the fact that there will be no home if Varicella successfully taking over the world with her Forbidden Moon Spell. And the only reasons why he helps Abigail and Winona is just that he didn't want to eat Frog Jon's "Fly Lasagna".


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