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Biggest. Game. Ever. (Bella and the Bulldogs)

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Biggest. Game. Ever. (Bella and the Bulldogs)
Biggest. Game. Ever.jpeg
A great way to end the series!
Part of Season: 2
Episode Number: 20
Air Date: June 25, 2016
Writer: Jeff Bushell
Director: Jonathan Judge
Previous episode: Oh Baby, It's the Playoffs

Biggest. Game. Ever. is the twentieth episode in Season 2 of Bella and the Bulldogs and the thirty-ninth episode overall. It first aired on June 25, 2016 to 1.49 million viewers, and is the series finale.


The team has a shocking realization when their new game plan for the state championship against their rivals does not work.

Why It's The Biggest Game Ever

  1. The characters are much more likable than usual, especially Bella.
  2. The writing succeeds, if only the show could be this way.
  3. It is actually funny and has really good jokes.
  4. The acting is really good and is much better than usual.
  5. This episode treats girls with respect, as well as not always shining the spotlight on Bella, and giving the rest of the cast their equal share of spotlights, which is unlike most episodes of the series.
  6. This episode is a good example of how Season 2 was an improvement, giving the cast more character development, and the story-line of the characters making the playoffs until the end is at its best here.
  7. The episode started off good, with the Bulldogs playing some backyard football to get ready for the championship.
  8. The Bulldogs head to the hotel to get rest and relaxation before the big game, but then meet their rival team, the Rangers, who are a very tough team.
  9. Bella gets her friends to study the playbook so they would be prepared for the game.
  10. Shocking moment when after the Bulldogs were scared off by the Rangers, they realized that the teams bags have been switched, and that the Bulldogs bag has their playbook in it.
  11. Bella’s plan was successful, as Sophie, Pepper, Newt and Sawyer all helped get the team back their bag and the team rests up for the game.
  12. The game has a shocking start as the Rangers revealed they did read the playbook and has got the upper hand of the Bulldogs.
  13. Heartwarming moments, like when the team comforts Bella and makes her feel better, and when Bella tells her team they are a great one and are the best friends she could have ever had.
  14. When the team reminded Bella of backyard football, she comes up with the idea of using their backyard football strategy that the Rangers don’t know, and her idea went greatly, and the Bulldogs managed to quickly turn the game around, and it was awesome.
  15. The final touchdown was amazing, as the team worked together, and the final moment where Bella stops as Logan approaches her, she flips over him, and scores the final touchdown, winning the game for the Bulldogs.
  16. A good ending where the Bulldogs celebrate their victory, with their trophy, back at their school.
  17. The sub-plot with Sophie and Pepper trying to meet Taylor Swift was also good.
  18. Regardless of what you think of the series, this episode was an amazing finale and serves as an excellent send-off to the series.


Biggest. Game. Ever. received positive reviews from critics and audiences alike. Even people who didn't like this show admitted that it was an excellent series finale. It received a 8.1/10 on IMDb, making this finale the show’s highest rated episode.


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