Birds Anonymous (Looney Tunes)

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Birds Anonymous (Looney Tunes)
"Once a bad ol' putty tat, always a bad ol' putty tat!"
Episode Number: 803
Air Date: August 10, 1957
Writer: Warren Foster
Director: Friz Freleng
Previous episode: "Tabasco Road"
Next episode: "Ducking the Devil"

Birds Anonymous is a 1957 Merrie Melodies cartoon starring Sylvester and Tweety and was directed by Friz Freleng and written by Warren Foster. It won the Academy Award for Best Animated Short Subject in 1958.

Why It Rocks

  1. Rather than being a typical Sylvester and Tweety chase cartoon, the premise changes very quickly with Sylvester joining Birds Anonymous (B.A.) to try to fight off his addiction of trying to eat Tweety.
  2. The animation is fluid like most Warner Brothers cartoons.
  3. The backgrounds are very cool and stylized.
  4. Mel Blanc does a flawless job voicing the characters like he usually does.
  5. Most of the jokes are very funny.
  6. The cartoon gives out a good lesson that you should try to control your addiction.
    • Clearance shows Sylvester a good demostration to stop his addiction with eating Tweety.
  7. Great score by Milt Franklyn and Carl Stalling.
  8. Great dramatic scenes with Sylvester trying to get his mind off Tweety when trying to go to sleep.
  9. The ending is very funny and unpredictable with the Clearance, the leader of the Bird Anonymous revealing that he also has an addiction for birds.

The Only Bad Quality

  1. While the animation is still good, it is pretty limited when compared to early Warner Brothers cartoons.


  • This is the second Sylvester and Tweety cartoon to win an Oscar, the first one being Tweetie Pie in 1947, the first cartoon to co-star both Sylvester and Tweety together.


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